Silent Saturday


You just have to know where to go to beat the heat!


Ya’ll come on down.  The water is nice and cold!


If this has been here all summer why haven’t we come here sooner?

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Silent Saturday


My womanservant is in Elvistown and I’ve been keeping Starlight and my manservant out of mischief by keeping them busy putting up purple hull peas and butterbeans for the next winter.


After a busy day working in our backyard we decided to celebrate the removal of the last of the formerly majestic oak by grilling bone-in boeuf by our swimming pool.


Then there’s the eating of said bone-in boeuf by our pool…

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Harvest excursion!

Pooches, it has been a week since I posted to my blog.  My manservant finally convinced me to take a bit of a sabbatical for the remainder of the summer and I’ll only be posting once or twice a week as we continue to seek shelter from the hot weather.    This past weekend we had a bit of a holibobs when a road trip was made by our pack in the Hybridmobile III to Elvistown.  We had a respite from the hot weather while in Elvistown and enjoyed a Saturday of outdoor partying in quite comfortable conditions as we bid the wee human a happy 2nd birthday.  A good time was had by all!

This morning when my manservant returned from his walk/run he proclaimed that we were going to harvest our carrot crop and the first of our fig crop today.  Starlight headed to retrieve her overalls and straw hat from the closet but my manservant said we had to take care of an appointment with the vet before the harvest could begin!  Starlight and I looked in dismay at each other wondering which one of us would be the victim today.  Drat!  It was me.

Surprisingly, pooches, it turned out to be a rather pleasant vet visit.  After a short bit of poking, prodding, and squeezing the vet proclaimed me to be the picture of health.  When the unpleasantries had been completed I enjoyed chatting with him about professional matters for quite some time before my manservant, eager to begin his harvesting, brought the visit to an end.  I gathered my newly issued drugs and hopped in the Hybridmobile II for the return trip to our den.

Carrots were the first crop to be harvested when we arrived at our den and we now have huge piles of carrots crowding our kitchen countertops.  My manservant left me in the kitchen to begin washing the carrots for storage while he returned to our back yard to begin fig gathering.  According to his reports there were fig galore.

After the initial harvesting had been completed my manservant trodded to the kitchen to prepare a hearty lunch of Kapusta Kielbasa.  The smell of the sizzling sausage and steaming cabbage filled our den and by the time the meal was served in the comfort of our den our mouths were watering!  Following the hearty and delicious meal my manservant surprised us by a dessert of freshly plucked figs drenched in mint-infused cream.  What can I say pooches but woo hoo!  Starlight and I chose to enjoy the treat from our dinner bowls in order to savor dessert at a leisurely pace.

We are now pleasantly full.  Between the carrots and the figs there is an afternoon of work to be done in the kitchen by my manservant while Starlight and I contemplate and appreciate the finer life during our afternoon naps.

Later, pooches!



The Kapusta Kielbasa is ready and our sausages are poised and ready to be devoured!


Figs in mint-infused cream?  Harvest days are my kind of day.  Let’s eat!!!


Sunshine, I think he is so impressed with his fig concoction that he’s just going to take pictures instead of eating.


Preferring a civil approach to dining, Starlight and I choose to enjoy our dessert at a more leisurely pace by eating in our dinner bowls.



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Still being baked

Pooches, to no one’s surprise today is another scorcher.  My manservant decided to forego his morning walk/run in order to perform a couple of outdoor tasks before the intense heat returned.  After completing those tasks our day turned into another “sit inside where it is cool” day.  My manservant briefly tempted fate when he risked venturing outdoors to attend his Monday morning yoga class.  He escaped being baked alive and when he returned leftovers were retrieved from the icebox.  In short order we were enjoying red beans and rice with a crispy cold green salad and garlic/parmesan bread!  Woo hoo!  We tried briefly to dine at our picnic bench the heat quickly drove us inside to our dining room.  Starlight and I had claimed dibs on the sausages in the red beans and rice and we waited patiently as each piece was spooned out of the bowl.

Pooches, the prognosticators say relief from the ridiculous heat is right around the corner!  Let’s hope the prognosticators are correct.



Beating the heat tip #9:  Avoid heavy and heated foods for breakfast (especially sausages with pancakes because they are our favorite)



Starlight, this sausage makes up for the sausage we missed at breakfast!

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Silent Sunday too!


Beating the heat tip #8b:  Have ice cold Lingonberry Skyr with chilled walnuts for breakfast (it beats the heat plus counts as an act of repentance for yesterday’s tip #8).

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Silent Saturday


Beating the heat tip #8:  Have ice cream for breakfast (with a wee bit of dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce).

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The excursion that wasn’t really

Pooches, because Buttons and her womanservant were our overnight guests my manservant decided to forego his morning walk/run today in order to prepare a hearty breakfast for all.  It was quite the lazy morning as we lounged about our den drinking coffee and generally being ne’er-do-wells!  My manservant did feel guilty enough about his lack of activity to attend his late morning yoga class.

Lunch was plated without much effort as we enjoyed leftover boiled shrimp cocktail from last night’s seafood banquet.  Although it was a wee bit hot outdoors we decided to execute a short stroll in the poochhood after lunch because Buttons reported she had been looking forward to an excursion on her visit.  It was hot, pooches, and quite short-lived!

Buttons and her womanservant departed for Elvistown in mid-afternoon while the remainder of our pack decided naps were in order.  In an effort to enjoy a bit of outdoors before the end of the day my manservant prepared an authentic muffaletta using olive salad from Central Grocery, mortadella, capocollo, sopressata, mozzarella, and provolone on an onion roll!  Woo hoo!  Because it was at sunset the temperature had cooled and the muffaletta was carried and placed on a wee table under our pergola where it was consumed enthusiastically!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



Starlight leads the way as Buttons and I gingerly walk on the hot asphalt during our stroll in the poochhood.


We probably ought to check our blood pressures after eating tonight!

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Thermal Thursday

Pooches, my manservant headed to his walk/run park immediately after waking up this morning and consuming the required amount of coffee to function knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the oppressive heat returned.  After his return to our den following his walk/run he reported that it had returned during his walk/run.  Starlight and I yawned, rolled over, and resumed our morning naps.

After heading to the village to our north of our village for a long morning of work my manservant returned near noon and prepared another “cool lunch for a hot day.”  Knowing that any visit to our picnic bench would risk being fried to a crisp we enjoyed our lunch from the cool and comfort of our den before each of us headed to our preferred napping locations for the afternoon.

Pooches, we were caught by surprise when Buttons and her womanservant arrived at our den in late afternoon for an overnight stay.  Enthusiastic greetings were exchanged before getting down to some serious play (indoors, of course) before enjoying a seafood feast for dinner.  No doubt with full bellies and tired bones we will all rest well tonight!

Keep cool if you can, pooches!



A quite cool and vowel-less lunch of a BLT, PB&J and a BM to wash it down!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Beating the heat!

Pooches, I think our pack has found a way to beat the heat!  In the middle of the night, shortly after three o’clock this morning, my manservant and womanservant climbed out of bed, gulped down a wee bit of coffee, and packed luggage and themselves into the Hybridmobile II which purred down the lane in the darkness.  It seems their destination was the nearby aerodrome where my womanservant was departing for a distant land for the next eight days!

My manservant directed the Hybridmobile II to stop at his walk/run park on the return to our den.  A vigorous walk/run was undertaken in the darkness when they arrived at said park and, because of the darkness keeping the heat in check, my manservant reported that it was a much longer walk/run than usual.

When my manservant finally returned from the aerodrome and walk/run park to our den during first light, he awakened Starlight and me and proposed that we undertake our excursion for the day immediately while the temperature was still comfortable outdoors!  Starlight and I agreed with the wisdom of such action and groggily headed to the Hybridmobile II.  Wanting to capture a picture of the day’s sunrise we first stopped at my nearby peninsula park but arrived a few minutes after the SUNSHINE had spilled over the horizon.  Nevertheless, after a short stroll about my peninsula park, we were upbeat as the Hybridmobile II delivered us efficiently to my overlook where a much longer stroll/sniffing session was undertaken.

When we returned to our den my manservant completed a session of lawn manicuring before preparing a tasty breakfast sausage and buttermilk biscuits with strawberry preserves and molasses!  Woo hoo!  By the time breakfast had been completed we could tell the heat was beginning its assault for the remainder of the day and we retreated indoors for the morning.

At lunchtime we briefly ventured outdoors for a lunch at our picnic bench.  Pooches, in our strategy to beat the heat it was a cold lunch of tomato sandwiches (on white bread, of course), pimento cheese-stuffed shishito peppers, refrigerator pickles, all capped by a large bowl of fresh sliced peaches on vanilla bean ice cream!  Oh my!



Starlight, we just the missed sunrise by a couple of minutes.  Phooey.


Say, why don’t we head to my overlook for a good sniffing session?


Starlight, is my overlook park your favorite park too?


Sunshine, let’s go down your multi-use trail.


Look!  The authorities have erected a new sign at the beginning of my multi-use trail.


Have you only two sausages?


At lunch we decided to eat the ice cream first before it melted.

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