Excursion immediately follows walk/run

Pooches, the weather led us to undertake our excursion immediately upon my manservant’s return from his morning walk/run.  The threat of afternoon rain is quite high and if it doesn’t rain it is going to be quite hot and humid.  Opting for an early walk/run seemed to be the logical course of action.

The Hybridmobile efficiently ferried us to my school park.  Because we frequently spend our time there we decided to explore a part of the park we’ve never visited before.  It was quite shady but quite hilly.  Starlight and I had a grand time seeing all the new sights and enjoyed a plethora of smells.

Pooches, when we returned to our den following our excursion we were met with the scary sight of a group of humans stealing our curb from the lane!  Starlight barked furiously at the group warning them of the consequences of their actions.  I ran inside to call the authorities and report them but my manservant stopped me and said the situation was under control because they were planning to build us a new curb.  We were all relieved except for the Hybridmobile which will have to spend a few nights in the lane because its house is inaccessible.  The Hybridmobile is quite unhappy!

My manservant prepared a patty melt for our lunch which was briefly enjoyed at our picnic bench until a rain shower drove us indoors to complete our lunch.


It is a beautiful morning at my school park but I can tell it is going to be hot today.

We’re exploring parts of my school park that we’ve not visited before.

Starlight, I believe we’re on the trail of a skunk!

Well that’s a fine how do you do. Those men are stealing our curb!

The Hybridmobile is quite perturbed that it can’t get to its house and is going to have to spend the night in the lane.

After seeing a patty melt made I think we can safely assume it is not a healthy meal.

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Silent Saturday road trip to French Camp, Mississippi

Woo hoo! A road trip!

I’ve always thought of myself as a flower child.

Sunshine, why don’t we move into this house?

This quaint wee place would do in a pinch.

Hey, it isn’t sorghum season yet!

This has been a fun Silent Saturday excursion!


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Excursion at my school park

Pooches, the wonderfully cool and dry weather continues today!  This morning my manservant declined to go on his walk/run and said he felt like cocooning all day!  I would have none of it and explained to him my schedule for the day, including an excursion before his yoga class.

My manservant resigned himself to not cocooning and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  What a breakfast, pooches!  Not only did we have sausage with our pancakes but two strips of bacon were included.  Woo hoo!

Shortly after breakfast we loaded into the Hybridmobile and requested to be carried to my school park.  Similar to the past two days there was a chilly breeze blowing off of the water.  Starlight and I were pleased to see that my park had been restocked with various nocturnal (mostly) smells and had a grand time sniffing and strolling about.

Following my manservant’s yoga class he prepared an egg and olive salad sandwich with chips.  For the second time today again paraded out to our picnic bench. .

See you on Silent Saturday, pooches.


Not only do we have pancakes with maple syrup but we have sausage AND bacon!

I’m glad the smells at my parks have been replenished after the rain.

Starlight, that was a funny joke!

Sunshine, there are even smells in the water!

Here we come, ready or not.

An egg and olive salad sandwich with chips is a rather dull lunch!

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Another day without rain!

Pooches, the weather this morning was almost chilly when we crawled out of bed.  My manservant scurried to his walk/run in order to conduct his walk/run in the cool air.  Upon his return to our den he withdrew the manicuring machine and spent the morning manicuring, trimming, pruning, edging, and conducting a variety of outdoor duties.

Because the weather was so nice we decided to undertake an early excursion.  My overlook was picture perfect with blue skies and a cool breeze blowing off of the water.  The smells are finally beginning to return after a week of rain and Starlight and I thoroughly enjoyed our sniffing.  Plenty of humans were out enjoying my overlook as well!

On our return to our den my manservant constructed salmon tacos.  The meal was enjoyed. at our picnic bench as usual.  It is nice to get back to civil weather!


Starlight, you couldn’t ask for a prettier June day!

I see plenty of humans are enjoying my overlook. I wonder where their pooches are?

I guess it is back to our den for lunch.

We’re enjoying salmon tacos at our picnic bench in the freshly manicured back yard.






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Wordless Wednesday

Hooray! Finally a day without rain!

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Rainy and wet Monday

Pooches, once again it was raining when we awoke this morning with the prognosticators saying it was going to rain off and on all day.  My manservant waited for a break in the rain before he headed to his walk/run park for a hasty walk/run.

Most of the morning was devoted to wash day chores by my manservant while Starlight and I napped.  Once or twice the rain stopped and my manservant urged us to go outside briefly before the next rain shower began.  In late morning my manservant headed to his yoga class.

On his return my manservant suggested that we eat lunch before taking an excursion.  After spending a short time preparing our lunch we headed to the picnic bench because we were between rain showers.  We enjoyed a fine meal despite the soggy conditions!

After boarding the Hybridmobile following lunch, we enjoyed an efficient ride to my sunken Trace.  We selected this park because there are plenty of areas in which we could stroll that would be relatively dry.  The smells were disappointing because we spent most of our excursion on the elevated walkway.  Finally as our excursion was coming to an end, my manservant took us to a large grassy area.  The smells there were dandy and we were reluctant to leave until another rain shower convinced us otherwise!


Sausage and biscuits with gravy makes a dandy breakfast on a rainy morning!

We enjoyed moussaka with feta salad and a stuffed grape leaves for lunch at our picnic bench during a break in the rain.

Sunshine, there are hardly any smells on this walkway.

We’ve arrived at my artsy-craftsy place.

I still say this is an odd place.

My manservant finally lets us out in the grass.








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Silent Sunday

Yes, I’m a wee bit dirty tonight. 

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Salvaged but wordless Friday

We’re hard at work in my womanservant’s office doing her work while she is playing in the Big Easy with my manservant!!

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Wordless Wednesday

Cocooning again.

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Exciting visit to my Saturday park!

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he noted that the weather prognosticators said there was a good chance for rain today and each day for the next week.  I suggested an immediate excursion but my manservant said he had too many errands to run this morning.

It was late morning when the errands had been completed.  We were still rain-free and hurried to the Hybridmobile to begin our excursion.  The Hybridmobile wished to visit my Saturday park because it was a couple of weeks ago when we last visited my park.  The Hybridmobile found a parking place in the shade when we arrived.  Starlight and I bounded to the shoreline with my manservant in tow.  We spent a while strolling about my park enjoying the plenteous smells when finally I spied it.  Pooches, it was a very large alligator patrolling along the shoreline undoubtedly looking for lunch!  Starlight wanted to throw rocks at it but I forbade such shenanigans and kept Starlight from wandering too close lest she become lunch.

It was a grand excursion and Starlight has not stopped talking about the ‘gator since we returned (that was her first ‘gator sighting from anything but a distance).  To celebrate our grand excursion my manservant stopped by a produce stand and purchased the first local tomatoes of the season.  It wasn’t long after we returned to our den that we were at our picnic enjoying our first BLT of the season!  Woo hoo!


It has been a while since we came to my Saturday park for an excursion.

Sunshine, you missed a good smell back here!

Starlight, I think there’s a ‘gator in the water!

Here’s the culprit looking for lunch.

Sunshine, that was exciting but I never want to be that close to a ‘gator again!

It is that time of year when we will frequently enjoy a BLT for lunch.









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