Silent Sunday too!

A Sunday afternoon work session…

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Silent Saturday

A Saturday excursion/picnic at my overlook.

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Productive excursion

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning he headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  After chopping, dicing and sautéing, a delicious meal of sausage with garlic potatoes was served.  We proudly paraded to the picnic bench and ate heartily while the experience of yesterday’s porridge for breakfast became a distant memory.

As expected, my manservant once again called for an early excursion.  Starlight and I headed to the Hybridmobile but my manservant said because today was rubbish day our excursion was going to be a litter patrol through the poochhood.  We reversed course and headed out the front door with my manservant clutching an empty bag from the market to hold the refuse.  A quick review of our roles had me as refuse spotter, Starlight as backup refuse spotter, and my manservant as refuse picker-upper.  Down the lane we went!

Plenty of refuse was gathered as we traveled along.  My manservant was so enthusiastic about our community service that we exited the poochhood through one entrance and walked along the main carriageway before reentering the poochhood through the other entrance!  Just as our refuse bag was filled a piece of refuse was spotted which conveniently turned out to be a plastic market bag!  It was employed as refuse bag on our way back to our den.  By the time we returned to our den we were all hot and sweaty and sprawled out on the hardwood floor to cool ourselves.

The decision was made to remain in our cool den for lunch rather than dine at the picnic bench.  We enjoyed corn pudding and black-eyed pea salad before my manservant surprised us with a fritter and coffee for dessert.  No doubt we will be dozing that fritter off all afternoon.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!


Sausage with garlic potatoes is a far better breakfast than the porridge my manservant had yesterday (although he’s not fooling anyone by placing it on a bed of lettuce).

I see the resurfacing gentlemen have returned.

Rubbish at eleven o’clock.

Our litter patrol took us along the main carriageway that passes by the poochhood.

Starlight, it is good to be back in the shade!

Surprising us all, my manservant produced an apple and cherry fritter accompanied by café au lait with chicory for dessert!



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Early excursions are the norm these days

Pooches, once again my manservant proposed an early breakfast excursion upon his return from his morning walk/run at his walk/run park.  Starlight and I were agreeable and we hopped in the Hybridmobile while my manservant packed breakfast.  The Hybridmobile glided north on my Trace just past my overlook before pulling off of the pavement and onto a grassy area under a couple of trees by the water.

Being hungry for breakfast we immediately hopped in the boot of the Hybridmobile.  It was then that my manservant revealed our breakfast fare:  porridge!  Of course Starlight and I howled at the thought of porridge for breakfast and we opted to stick with pooch treats (we carry a supply of them in the Hybridmobile just for such occasions).  We hungrily devoured our pooch treats while my manservant slowly munched on his porridge concoction of oats, yogurt, fruit, nuts, chia, and flax all drowned in milk!  To each his own, I suppose.

After breakfast we enjoyed walking along the shoreline.  Pooches, the smells are almost always terrific along any waterfront and today was no exception.  We had a bit of excitement when we came across a piece of artwork hanging on a tree.  We viewed it from several different angles and concluded it was a masterpiece in the works and left it undisturbed.

The morning passed quickly and we were soon at our picnic bench for lunch wondering if we were going to be forced to rely on pooch treats from now own.


Are you seriously going to eat this porridge and call it breakfast?

Starlight, if you look over the top of these taro plants you can see my overlook in the distance!

Sunshine, if we cross the road here we can walk down the trail to your arboretum.

Starlight, look! Someone left a work of art handing on this tree!

I guess we’d better get back to the Hybridmobile before it flies away.

You had porridge for breakfast and now salad for lunch? Thank goodness for pooch treats!

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Wordless Wednesday

Don’t you wish, pooches! It’s 2009 in Elvistown with Buttons.

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Late post before Wordless Wednesday

Pooches, we had another busy day around our den.  My manservant decided this morning that he was going to undertake his walk/run in the poochhood and asked Starlight and me to accompany him.  We were both keen to join him until we realized that this was going to be our excursion for the day.  Pooh!

Nevertheless, we did enjoy hiking through the poochhood and watching all of the activity with the carriages going to and fro loaded with humans during our rush hour.  Construction gentlemen were busy working on the lane behind our den and we spent a wee bit of time on our excursion watching all of the big machines that were in operation gobbling up the lane.  It was only when my manservant reminded us that we were on an excursion and needed to continue moving that Starlight and I were brought out of our captive state of being mesmerized by such large and noisy equipment.  We continued our trek.

Eventually we returned to our den for a quick breakfast before Starlight and I headed for our morning naps while my manservant headed outside to manicure the front and side yards.  After the manicuring had been completed, my manservant attacked edging, clipping, and pruning before returning inside to prepare lunch.

Pooches, what a lunch it was!  A gigantic barbecue vegetable pizza! Woo hoo!  We happily sauntered out to our picnic bench and munched hungrily on the reward for a successful morning and front and side yard manicuring.

This and that kept me busy for the remainder of the afternoon which is why I’m so late posting to my blog today.  When my womanservant returned to our den this evening our dinner was brought forth.  Starlight and I give “thumbs down” to black-eyed pea salad and artichokes with mayonnaise and ghee.  I hope the menu for tomorrow’s dinner is a bit more enticing!


My manservant decided on a walk/run in our poochhood rather than his walk/run park. Starlight and I accompanied him.

Sunshine, these newly rebuilt lanes are dandy but they are hot on the ol’ paws!

Barbecue vegetable pizza for lunch is a novel treat.

Goodbye cheese.

Where’s the boeuf?


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A busy day around our den

Pooches, Mondays are always wash day and my manservant was up early carrying laundry to our laundry closet.  As soon as he started the first load he announced he was making an early morning visit to his teeth vet and headed out of the door.  It was mid-morning when he returned and said his visit to his teeth vet was quite successful and that he had stopped at his walk/run park on his return to our den.

After starting another load of laundry, my manservant immediately headed outside to manicure our back yard which had gotten unwieldy after so much rain of late.  He finished the manicuring job just in time to change to his yoga costume and headed to yoga.  When he returned we were all hungry and red beans and rice was prepared and carried to the picnic bench.  We all enjoyed lunch although we were disappointed garlic bread had not been prepared.

After lunch was completed and the dishes had been washed, dried and put away, we loaded into the Hybridmobile for a lengthy excursion to my Saturday park.  Pooches, it was a bright and sunny day although without a breeze we soon grew rather warm.  I started to jump in the water to cool off but my manservant forbade it and reminded me there were plenty of ‘gators around my park.  Yikes!

We’ve returned to our den now.  Starlight is planning on resting this afternoon after her busy weekend of agility performances and my manservant, after dealing with another load of laundry, has headed to the market to obtain the fare for tonight’s dinner.  It will be no surprise, pooches.  We always have salmon on Monday’s.


Starlight and I ate all of the sausage in our red beans and rice!

There isn’t a breeze stirring at my Saturday park.

Starlight, keep your face turned away from the camera and listen to my manservant grumble because we won’t face the camera.

Ha, ha! We fooled you.

Be careful, Starlight. This is the section where the ‘gator lives!

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Silent Sunday too!

Accompanying my manservant on his early Sunday morning walk/run at his walk/run park.

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Silent Saturday

A hearty breakfast between rain showers before a planned day of…


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Fried chicken wings Friday!

Pooches, it is lonely around our den without my womanservant and Starlight!  My manservant once again refused to tend to his walk/run.  Instead, we had a leisurely early morning drinking coffee before we decided to undertake an early excursion to my school park  We perambulated back and forth at my park and covered quite the territory.  It just didn’t seem the same without Starlight with us.

Yoga class was attended in late morning before the highlight of our day:  fried chicken wings for lunch!  Woo hoo!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.


We’re on an early morning excursion at my school park.

I’m having to pose once again. Darn paparazzi!

I wish Starlight was here.

Can we go to the Yacht Club for brunch after our excursion?

I’ll bet my playground will be packed with wee humans later this morning!

I’m posing once again! This time in front of a Crepe Myrtle at my manservant’s yoga class building.


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