Mellow Monday!

Pooches, what a BIG weekend we had in Elvistown.  Fred and Buttons were the master host and hostess and the mirth and merriment was non-stop!  Saturday was a rather wintery day but we found plenty of activity indoors.  The Hybridmobile III performed exceptionally well ferrying us to Elvistown from our den on Saturday and repeated the task in reverse yesterday afternoon as we returned to our village.

Starlight and I both preferred today to be a day of rest but my manservant insisted that we undertake an excursion as a part of the Hybridmobile II’s excursion training.  After cooking and enjoying shrimp and chips (with a wee green salad for color) we headed to the Hybridmobile II.  While discussing our destination it was agreed that it had been a while since we had visited my arboretum and headed in that direction as the Hybridmobile II embarked on its second excursion.

Although our village had been the recipient of plenty of rain over the weekend my arboretum had drained nicely and the mells were plenteous.  We sniffed, scurried and strolled throughout my park while circumnavigating it completely.  After most smells had been investigated we returned to the Hybridmobile II which was faithfully waiting for our return.  Our plan for the remainder of the day is to catch up on our day of rest while my manservant belatedly begins his wash day duties.



You eat the green salad while Starlight and I take care of the shrimp and squiggly chips.


So this is what poison ivy looks like.


We’re nearing the rear of my arboretum when we come across yet another bridge.


Sunshine, uh, I’m not sure we should be walking on this bridge. 


It won’t be long before we can’t sniff under downed trees lest our noses get chomped by a snake.


Starlight, I think the Hybridmobile II is going to make a fine excursion carriage!

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The Hybridmobile II’s first regular excursion

Pooches, after a busy week filled with significant changes in our fleet of carriages, Starlight and I decided it was time to introduce the Hybridmobile II to our pack’s daily routine.  It was quite warm this morning (despite the polar plunge that is arriving tonight) and my manservant decided to train the Hybridmobile II to ferry him to his walk/run park.  When they returned my manservant commented that the Hybridmobile II seemed to be a quick learner and almost immediately we promoted it to the advanced track!

After successfully delivering and retrieving my manservant to and from his yoga class, a lunch was prepared from the victuals in our icebox.  Pooches, not only did we have a hearty boeuf bugger on an onion roll for my manservant, wee boeuf burger sliders on whole wheat slider buns were plated and carried to our picnic bench for Starlight and me.  I had suggested that we carry our lunch with us on our excursion and dine in the boot of the Hybridmobile II but my manservant vetoed the idea because he was concerned about how it might react to us dining in its boot on its first day of official excursions.

When our lunch had been enjoyed at our picnic bench we decided that a gentle excursion would be the best option for our Hybridmobile apprentice.  It was given directions to my school park and after a successful journey we were soon parked facing my Rez.  Starlight and I bounded out toward the waterfront and enjoyed the numerous smells along the way.  Following a successful jaunt at my school park we returned to the Hybridmobile II which had been keeping an eye on us the entire time we were at my school park.

It’s off to bed early tonight for our pack as we prepare for the Hybridmobile III’s maiden voyage to Elvistown tomorrow morning.  Woo hoo!



It is nice of you to provide us with plates for our sliders.


Starlight, I hope the rain holds off until we’re finished with our excursion.


Sunshine, don’t look at me because I’m going to slowly amble my way toward those geese pretending I don’t see them.


I’m afraid we’re in for a big blow tonight!


The Hybridmobile II has been keeping an eye on us the entire time.

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Busy, busy week

Pooches, my manservant tells me that there is an end in sight to all of the busyness.  This week has been a non-stop time of errand running for my manservant.  Today was no exception.  After returning from a brief walk/run at his walk/run park, my manservant began preparations for a somber visit to a not-so-nearby-village with my womanservant.  My womanservant was driving the new HYBRIDMOBILE III (who will be introduced at a later date) and met my manservant at said village.  Upon his return from this activity my manservant returned to our den and announced he was in the mood for pizza!  Woo hoo!

We enjoyed a tasty pizza at a temporary picnic bench before my manservant returned to his errand-running activity.  Starlight and I decided we were getting tired from watching my manservant running to and fro so we headed for our afternoon naps without the expectation of an excursion today.

Despite the busyness of the day my manservant stopped by his fish monger in the wee village to our north and stowed a fine fillet of redfish in the icebox for tonight’s meal.  After our preliminary dinner had been prepared and served Starlight and I agreed to my manservant’s call for an excursion in our back yard.  It wasn’t exactly an excursion per se but it sufficed to exercise our legs until the main course of redfish and greenery could be served later in the evening.

Starlight and I have decided to pay a visit to Elvistown this weekend as a way of introducing ourselves to the Hybridmobile III and getting to know each other as well as escaping from the non-stop errand-running that has plagued our den this week.  Although we won’t be leaving for Elvistown until Saturday morning we already have our bags packed and placed by the back door to load into the Hybridmobile III’s boot for our first road trip together!  Woo hoo!

I can feel the weekend coming on, pooches!



I think I’ll have swigs of the stout between bites of pizza.


It is against the rules to call this an excursion.  This is not your first warning.


These darn oak catkins are everywhere in our back yard and are driving me crazy!  #banthecatkins


The end.

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Wordless Wednesday


These look suspiciously similar to fast food-like substances!

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Tromping the poochhood

Pooches, it has been a pretty slow day around our den.  After my manservant’s walk/run he headed out to perform “a bushel and a peck” of errands and didn’t return until lunchtime.  The best news we received was that he had gone to visit my vet to acquire drugs for Starlight and me and neither one of us had to go with him!  Woo hoo!

It was such a pretty morning that, rather than assist my manservant in the kitchen as lunch was being prepared, Starlight and I enjoyed lying about in our back yard.  It wasn’t long before lunch was served in our back yard.  Throwing caution to the wind we decided to plop down on the grass sans our tablecloth to eat our lunch.

After the emotionally draining excursion yesterday there was unanimous agreement that we would take a short stroll through the poochhood to my median for our excursion.  The wind was quite blustery due to an approaching cold front that will arrive tonight accompanied by fierce and noisy storms!  Because of the gusty winds strolling was a bit of a challenge.

Other than the wind we enjoyed a nice, gentle stroll and we found plenty of smells to keep us busy.  We’re back at our den now preparing to batten the hatches before tonight’s storms arrive.



While preparing our lunch my manservant retrieved his spyglass to keep an eye on us.


A ham salad sandwich is certainly lighter fare than usual.


This is our favorite spot in our village for smells.


Keep single file, Starlight.  I hear the schoolbus returning for afternoon deliveries.


Oh goody, the post has arrived.

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Farewell to the Hybridmobile!

Pooches, our Hybridmobile announced this morning that it had made the decision to move to the Old Carriages Rest Home to join our good ol’ Bumpkinmobile!  It was quite a shock to us but we congratulated the Hybridmobile enthusiastically on retirement.  Immediately we began making plans for a final excursion.

After faithfully ferrying my manservant to his walk/run park for his walk/run the Hybridmobile began the task of carrying my manservant on errands to and fro around our village.  In the midst of the errands my manservant stopped by the market to pick up a celebratory lunch of barbecue ribs and baked potato salad with sweet tea.

As we began our final excursion with the Hybridmobile we found ourselves being ferried to numerous parks (no doubt the Hybridmobile was bidding them farewell) before finally stopping at my boundary park.  With lunch in hand we gathered in the boot of the Hybridmobile where a fine meal was enjoyed as we reminisced about all the fine excursions we had enjoyed together.  After lunch Starlight and I tried to go on a sniffing expedition around my park but neither of us were in the mood knowing that the Hybridmobile will be leaving us tomorrow morning.

It was a bittersweet excursion, pooches, but Starlight and I are focusing our attention on meeting the Hybridmobile III tomorrow as we welcome it to our pack!



Sunshine, it’s hard to believe this is our last lunch in the boot of the Hybridmobile.


These barbecue ribs are not long for this world.


Sunshine, I think we’re supposed to be looking at the camera.


I wonder if the Hybridmobile III is going to like going on excursions?

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Happy Easter, pooches!


My manservant and I enjoy our Easter luncheon of ham, candied sweet potatoes and a wedge salad at our gussied up picnic bench.


Candied sweet potato?  Yes, I don’t mind if I do.

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Silent Saturday


Exhausted, my manservant and I manage a late lunch of French dip au jus after spending all day gardening, manicuring our back yard, and general cleaning duties.  We’re pooped.



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A Good Friday

Don’t tell anyone pooches but on this Good Friday my manservant prepared for me a French Dip on an Onion Roll for supper.

#shame  #regret  #noselfcontrol #woohoo!


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All events today have been cancelled

Pooches, the heavy rain moved in yesterday evening and continued through the early morning hours today.  After reviewing the weather prognosticators’ discussions for today, Starlight and I concluded that all outdoor activity today would be cancelled, including our excursion.  A brief break in the rain did allow my manservant to tend to his walk/run at his flooded walk/run park but the rain resumed shortly after his return.

Starlight wasn’t bothered in the least by the outlook because she and my womanservant were spending the morning packing before being ferried by the Hybridmobile II to a faraway village in the Bayou state for a long weekend of agility competition.  My manservant and I gave wide berth to the packing activity and, after bidding the travelers farewell shortly before noon, we decided that if we couldn’t do anything today out-of-doors we would spend the afternoon in the kitchen!  Woo hoo!

A run to the market was made to pick up the necessary comestibles.  After that errand had been completed priority of preparation of the various victuals was given to our lunch for the day.  Lunch was simmering on the stovetop when my manservant began preparation of our Easter ham.

Our tasty lunch was eaten in our indoor dining hall while my manservant and I discussed the pros and cons of the various recipes for French dip.  We came to agreement on our favorite recipe and, after finishing lunch and washing, drying, and returning dishes to the cupboard, the prepared ham was placed in the over as we began the all-afternoon process of slow cooking a choice boeuf roast.

It’s now late afternoon and it appears that the rain has ended for the day because abundant SUNSHINE is peeking through the shutters.  Our den is filled with wonderful aromas and my manservant and I are contemplating a stroll through the poochhood before the next stages of cooking begins.

Pooches, it’s turning out to be a good day after all!



At least today’s lunch has a wee bit of color in it other than brown!


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