Silent Sunday, too!


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Silent Saturday


In what has become their tradition, Starlight and my manservant enjoy a hearty breakfast at our picnic bench on Saturday mornings at sunrise.


I, on the other hand, prefer to sleep through sunrise followed by breakfast in bed.

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A wee excursion

Pooches, today began as usual with my manservant heading to his walk/run park at an early hour.  When he returned to our den we expected him to begin gardening, housekeeping or washing duties but instead he retired to a bath filled with hot water and began a long aromatherapy session!

My manservant was much like a wet noodle when he emerged and plopped down on our Davenport where he remained for most of the morning.  He brushed aside all thoughts of attending his usual yoga class and instead enjoyed his relaxed state and immobile state.  Starlight and I finally joined him on the Davenport to make sure he began preparation of our lunch at the appropriate time.

Lunch was prepared in a timely manner and we elected to dine at our picnic bench because the heat of the day was still a few hours away.  Despite a lack of meat (Starlight and I did find a bit of bacon in the spinach salad) we enjoyed munching away.  As  we finished lunch my manservant surprised us when he said we could attempt a light excursion today!  Woo hoo!

The Hybridmobile II excitedly shuttled us to my peninsula park, noting it was a park  that would require almost no use of my bum leg.  It was grand to be back at my Rez!  We enjoyed the bright SUNSHINE, the gentle breezes and the bustle of boats beginning their weekend on the water.  I even managed to find a few good smells within reach of my nose.

All in all it was grand to resume our excursions on a limited basis.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.



A grilled cheese sandwich on homemade bread, asparagus soup, and spinach salad provided a tasty lunch.


It is so good to resume our excursions!


Starlight, I’ll bet my Rez is going to be packed with boats tomorrow.


Do we have to go so soon?

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Pooches, any day that starts out with thunder AND visiting my vet cannot be a good day!

When my manservant said he couldn’t go on his walk/run I suspected something was amiss and I was right.  Amidst the rumbling of thunder the Hybridmobile II escorted me to my vet where I received only one shot (with a five foot needle) and returned to our den with a number of drugs in hand intended to sooth my bum leg.  Thanks to all of you pooches who have warned my about certain drugs that are not good for pooches.  I’ve checked them and the latest round of pills all seem safe.

Because we are in an excursionless mode these days and because I had to visit my vet early this morning my manservant decided to soothe me with a wee bit of food throughout the day.

Our first meal was a bagel with lox (and accompaniments) and one with fig and cumin chutney.  After we returned from my maniacal vet my manservant said he was in the mood for tea and we enjoyed a blueberry scone with hibiscus tea.  Not to be outdone my manservant declared today’s lunch would be popcorn!  Woo hoo!

While sitting on the Davenport I enjoyed catching the popcorn that was tossed my way while Starlight raced around on the floor catching the wildly thrown pieces my manservant tossed in her general direction.

Perhaps, pooches, we will return to excursions in the near future.  Sigh.



Please leave the onions off our salmon.


Is it proper to call having tea in mid-morning a brunch?


Popcorn for lunch?  Woo hoo!




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Wordless Wednesday

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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Another boring back yard excursion

Pooches, I’ve about had it with my bum leg.  My manservant firmly prohibits an excursion of the type to which we are accustomed.  He, of course, merrily departs for his walk/run each morning while I’m confined to our den or back yard.  Phooey!

After his return from the walk/run park this morning my manservant paid a visit to his groomer.  It was then the performance of a bevy of housekeeping chores around our den.  It was late morning when he departed for an errand at the market.  Pooches, when he returned Starlight and I immediately spied our lunch in his hands:  baby back ribs with barbecue sauce, barbecue beans and a broccoli and pear slaw.  Woo hoo!

A quick parade out to our picnic bench found us eating the sumptuous fare.  Starlight and I encouraged my manservant to focus on the broccoli and pear slaw while we took care of the ribs!  Yum!  We washed down lunch with a bottle of refreshing ice cold peach juice.

A brief stroll around our back yard following lunch substituted (poorly) for our excursion once again.  The heat of  the summer is upon us and  we decided our cool den was the preferable spot to nap through another boring afternoon.

Keep cool, pooches!




Sunshine, I think barbecue ribs ought to negate the ‘wait’ command.


I believe a manicuring session in our back yard is in order.


Silly us!  We almost forget our salted caramel gelato for dessert.


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R&R Monday

Pooches, Starlight and I always declare the Monday following a weekend visit from Fred and Buttons a day of rest and recovery after a full two days of mirth and merriment!  Today was no exception.  My manservant had just returned from a vigorous walk/run at his walk/run park when we told him of our decision.

Starlight and I threw ourselves into rest and recovery while my manservant began his wash day duties.  He soon took a break to prepare a quick breakfast.  Given the lazy nature of the day we enjoyed it on our Davenport.

The morning seemed to fly by while we napped and soon my manservant had returned from his Monday yoga class and we were enjoying a tasty lunch at our picnic bench.  Pooches, the lunch was delightful but I’m afraid the summer temperatures have arrived for good.  We gobbled our lunch quickly and returned to the shelter of the air-conditioned den where Starlight and I resumed our R&R  activities and my manservant his wash day chores.

Pooches, I hope everyone had as fun of a weekend as Starlight and I!



We’re enjoying Skyr with muesli, honey and fresh berries for breakfast.


Knowing Starlight and my manservant were tired I offered to do the dishes after breakfast.


A fine summer lunch:  fried chicken, potatoes with gravy, spring onions, watermelon radish, and a wee carrot from my manservant’s wee carrot patch all washed down with sweet tea!  Woo hoo!


Starlight and I give the wee carrot a go.


Thanks but we’ll stick with the chicken.



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Silent Saturday


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Finally Friday

Pooches, it has been quite a tiresome week around our den.  Workers have scurried to and fro for most of the week which spoiled the routine of our pack.  The most recent set of workers managed to stretch a five-minute task into five hours!  All in all it has been a frustrating and excursionless week.

My manservant opted to forego his morning walk/run in favor of performing a handful of housekeeping chores around our den.  When he returned following his late morning yoga class he headed to the kitchen and threw together a tasty lunch, made in part with the rabbit food from our CSA box.  Following lunch at the picnic bench Starlight and I spent the afternoon awaiting the arrival of our guests for the weekend, Fred and Buttons!!  Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, before Fred and Buttons arrived my womanservant got a wild hair in her head to perform a grooming job.  A grooming job on me, pooches!!  It was futile to resist because I was heavily outnumbered.   After the dastardly deed had been completed (and I had fetched a sweater to warm my shaved body)  I was just a shell of my former self.  My crazed womanservant with clippers in hand gazed toward Starlight but I  managed to divert her attention to my manservant who fled our den with much haste!

We will be quite busy around our pack this weekend, pooches, but all are welcome to stop by our den for a wee bit of social time.



Miso with noodles and garlic accompanied by a bit of Swiss chard,


You want to trim what?


Help, pooches.  Help!


Well this is a fine how do you do!

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Wordless Wednesday

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