Not so Silent Saturday

Pooches,  there’s good news on our regular Silent Saturday.  My manservant decided this morning that a regular excursion was in order for today!  Woo hoo!

On Thursday Starlight and my womanservant departed for a distant village in an adjoining state for another long weekend of agility activities.  As usual I was placed in charge of my manservant and have been quite busy keeping close reins on him.

When he said he was going to neglect his morning constitutional this morning in favor of a lazy morning with plenty of coffee, I commandeered the situation and coaxed him to consider a long excursion in late morning to enjoy the cooler weather.  It didn’t take much arm-twisting before an early lunch was packed and placed in the Hybridmobile II. We headed down the lane in search of an ideal picnic spot.  The Hybridmobile II was delighted to resume our excursion activity and was spot on in determining the ideal picnic spot.  It traveled to the north end of my Rez where a picnic table was selected for our dining pleasure.  A long stroll was undertaken after our lunch had been enjoyed.

We’re back at our den now where I’ve instructed my manservant to spend the afternoon in the kitchen preparing a large batch of his “famous” red beans and rice as our sustenance for the remainder of the weekend.  That should keep him busy and out of mischief while I nap and dream of the sausages and ham hocks I will enjoy for dinner


2018-07-27 003

Don’t we need another cup of coffee?  It seems a wee bit early for breakfast.

2018-07-28 004

Hooray!  A good ol’ regular excursion.

2018-07-28 009

Prepare to meet my stomach!

2018-07-28 019

I don’t care how sturdy it is!  I don’t like piers period!

2018-07-28 023

Look at all the Nymphaeaceae growing here!

2018-07-28 027

I think I’ll go wading a bit before we return to our den.

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