Still being baked

Pooches, to no one’s surprise today is another scorcher.  My manservant decided to forego his morning walk/run in order to perform a couple of outdoor tasks before the intense heat returned.  After completing those tasks our day turned into another “sit inside where it is cool” day.  My manservant briefly tempted fate when he risked venturing outdoors to attend his Monday morning yoga class.  He escaped being baked alive and when he returned leftovers were retrieved from the icebox.  In short order we were enjoying red beans and rice with a crispy cold green salad and garlic/parmesan bread!  Woo hoo!  We tried briefly to dine at our picnic bench the heat quickly drove us inside to our dining room.  Starlight and I had claimed dibs on the sausages in the red beans and rice and we waited patiently as each piece was spooned out of the bowl.

Pooches, the prognosticators say relief from the ridiculous heat is right around the corner!  Let’s hope the prognosticators are correct.



Beating the heat tip #9:  Avoid heavy and heated foods for breakfast (especially sausages with pancakes because they are our favorite)



Starlight, this sausage makes up for the sausage we missed at breakfast!

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