The excursion that wasn’t really

Pooches, because Buttons and her womanservant were our overnight guests my manservant decided to forego his morning walk/run today in order to prepare a hearty breakfast for all.  It was quite the lazy morning as we lounged about our den drinking coffee and generally being ne’er-do-wells!  My manservant did feel guilty enough about his lack of activity to attend his late morning yoga class.

Lunch was plated without much effort as we enjoyed leftover boiled shrimp cocktail from last night’s seafood banquet.  Although it was a wee bit hot outdoors we decided to execute a short stroll in the poochhood after lunch because Buttons reported she had been looking forward to an excursion on her visit.  It was hot, pooches, and quite short-lived!

Buttons and her womanservant departed for Elvistown in mid-afternoon while the remainder of our pack decided naps were in order.  In an effort to enjoy a bit of outdoors before the end of the day my manservant prepared an authentic muffaletta using olive salad from Central Grocery, mortadella, capocollo, sopressata, mozzarella, and provolone on an onion roll!  Woo hoo!  Because it was at sunset the temperature had cooled and the muffaletta was carried and placed on a wee table under our pergola where it was consumed enthusiastically!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



Starlight leads the way as Buttons and I gingerly walk on the hot asphalt during our stroll in the poochhood.


We probably ought to check our blood pressures after eating tonight!

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