Thermal Thursday

Pooches, my manservant headed to his walk/run park immediately after waking up this morning and consuming the required amount of coffee to function knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the oppressive heat returned.  After his return to our den following his walk/run he reported that it had returned during his walk/run.  Starlight and I yawned, rolled over, and resumed our morning naps.

After heading to the village to our north of our village for a long morning of work my manservant returned near noon and prepared another “cool lunch for a hot day.”  Knowing that any visit to our picnic bench would risk being fried to a crisp we enjoyed our lunch from the cool and comfort of our den before each of us headed to our preferred napping locations for the afternoon.

Pooches, we were caught by surprise when Buttons and her womanservant arrived at our den in late afternoon for an overnight stay.  Enthusiastic greetings were exchanged before getting down to some serious play (indoors, of course) before enjoying a seafood feast for dinner.  No doubt with full bellies and tired bones we will all rest well tonight!

Keep cool if you can, pooches!



A quite cool and vowel-less lunch of a BLT, PB&J and a BM to wash it down!

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