Beating the heat!

Pooches, I think our pack has found a way to beat the heat!  In the middle of the night, shortly after three o’clock this morning, my manservant and womanservant climbed out of bed, gulped down a wee bit of coffee, and packed luggage and themselves into the Hybridmobile II which purred down the lane in the darkness.  It seems their destination was the nearby aerodrome where my womanservant was departing for a distant land for the next eight days!

My manservant directed the Hybridmobile II to stop at his walk/run park on the return to our den.  A vigorous walk/run was undertaken in the darkness when they arrived at said park and, because of the darkness keeping the heat in check, my manservant reported that it was a much longer walk/run than usual.

When my manservant finally returned from the aerodrome and walk/run park to our den during first light, he awakened Starlight and me and proposed that we undertake our excursion for the day immediately while the temperature was still comfortable outdoors!  Starlight and I agreed with the wisdom of such action and groggily headed to the Hybridmobile II.  Wanting to capture a picture of the day’s sunrise we first stopped at my nearby peninsula park but arrived a few minutes after the SUNSHINE had spilled over the horizon.  Nevertheless, after a short stroll about my peninsula park, we were upbeat as the Hybridmobile II delivered us efficiently to my overlook where a much longer stroll/sniffing session was undertaken.

When we returned to our den my manservant completed a session of lawn manicuring before preparing a tasty breakfast sausage and buttermilk biscuits with strawberry preserves and molasses!  Woo hoo!  By the time breakfast had been completed we could tell the heat was beginning its assault for the remainder of the day and we retreated indoors for the morning.

At lunchtime we briefly ventured outdoors for a lunch at our picnic bench.  Pooches, in our strategy to beat the heat it was a cold lunch of tomato sandwiches (on white bread, of course), pimento cheese-stuffed shishito peppers, refrigerator pickles, all capped by a large bowl of fresh sliced peaches on vanilla bean ice cream!  Oh my!



Starlight, we just the missed sunrise by a couple of minutes.  Phooey.


Say, why don’t we head to my overlook for a good sniffing session?


Starlight, is my overlook park your favorite park too?


Sunshine, let’s go down your multi-use trail.


Look!  The authorities have erected a new sign at the beginning of my multi-use trail.


Have you only two sausages?


At lunch we decided to eat the ice cream first before it melted.

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