Miserably hot Monday!

Pooches, my manservant scurried out of the den at an early hour this morning to undertake his walk/run in the walk/run park before that oppressive heat arrived.  When he returned he was a ball of sweat and exclaimed that it was already too hot to even think about an excursion today.  Starlight and I yawned and rolled over to go back to sleep for the morning.

All in all it has been a dull day in our pack because of the oppressive heat.  The late morning yoga class was attended for the first time in a month by my manservant.  When he returned he had a meeting with a gentleman about engaging said gentleman to perform some outdoor duties.  We then awaited the preparation of another good summer lunch.  Butter beans, purple hull peas, sliced tomatoes from the garden next door, refrigerator pickles and peppers, and finally a slice of ice-cold melon for dessert was on the menu for the day!  Starlight and I chose the optional pooch treats.  All were enjoyed at our picnic bench but the heat encouraged us to eat quickly and enjoy our dessert indoors.

It is going to be a quiet afternoon, pooches, as Starlight and I remain in the cool air indoors.  My manservant is threatening to do a bit of yard work while we nap.  I hope he comes to his senses lest he have a heat stroke!



We need to eat quickly before it melts!


Starlight has chosen to spend her afternoon nap atop my manservant’s pillow in our cool bedroom.


Have you lost your mind?  It is much too hot to even think about manicuring our lawn this afternoon!

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