I think I’m back…

As Starlight and I breathed a sigh of relief my manservant suggested that a stroll through the poochhood would be in order as a way of building back up strength to resume his regular walk/run.  Starlight, having earlier returned from her vigorous walk/run with my womanservant, declined to accompany us so my manservant and I took off down the lane hoping my bum leg would cooperate.  We travelled much farther than either of us anticipated and when we returned to our den my manservant declared the adventure a success!

We decided to prepare a celebratory breakfast and soon could be found at our relocated picnic bench enjoying sausage with dropped scones and maple syrup!  Woo hoo!  After breakfast my manservant cautioned us about overdoing it so we retired to our Davenport for much of the morning.

It was late morning when my manservant suggested that we take a second adventure of the day to my overlook.  I’m afraid Starlight and I both became a wee bit misty-eyed having previously thought such excursions were a thing of the past.  We quickly hopped in the Hybridmobile which giddily glided down the lane to my overlook.  Starlight and I had a grand time sniffing the many smells and traipsing around my park.  Perhaps erring on the side of caution my manservant soon said that it was time to return to our den.  I suppose we will spend the afternoon resting.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



It feels good to stretch the ol’ bum leg for a change.


Sausage is always the first item of business!


I hope you put plenty of maple syrup on the pancakes.


Starlight, doesn’t it feel good to be back at my overlook?


I was afraid the authorities we going to neglect the lawn manicuring at my overlook in my absence!


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