Hard getting restarted after holibobs

Pooches, after our extended holibobs my blog has faced a myriad of problems getting restarted.  It seems my manservant brought home a summer cold from his holibobs and has  been under the weather.  My blog site has been fractious of late and my manservant has refused to correct the matter due to his sniffles.

I took matters into my own paws today and corrected the problems (no doubt caused by my manservant) in order to post.  My manservant still refused to take an excursion due to my bum leg and his sniffles.

I suggested to my manservant this morning that the preparation and consumption of a hearty summer lunch might be just the thing to cure his summer cold.  The suggestion took root and shortly after noon we found ourselves at our relocated picnic bench enjoying fried chicken, rice and gravy, lima beans, pickled onions and cucumbers, a sliced home-grown tomato and an ice cold slice of watermelon!  Woo hoo!

I’m afraid the hearty summer lunch will not act as a cure quickly enough to liven up our afternoon so Starlight and I have already planned another afternoon on the Davenport with my ailing manservant.


Fried chicken is just the thing to cure your cold.

Please don’t get those pickled onions close to my nose!

If I eat all of this watermelon I’ll have to pee all afternoon! 

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