I’M BACK!!!!!!

Pooches, I haven’t posted recently because our pack has enjoyed twelve days of holibobs!  Woo hoo!  Because we could not agree on a holibobs destination this year we decided to head in different directions.  I chose to spend my time with Cousin Maggie.  We had a grand time although it was a bit like a working holibobs because of the two cats who reside in Cousin’s den.  The felines required frequent monitoring on my part to thwart any mischief they might undertake.

Starlight, on the other paw, chose to visit Elvistown and spend her holibobs with Fred and Buttons.  Her leisure time was thoroughly enjoyed although it was similar to mine because of the presence of a cat which, of course, necessitated close attention.

I’m not quite sure what my manservant and womanservant did on their holibobs.  They have been quite elusive and mysterious.  My manservant spoke of LEANING towers and a village with lanes made with water that required carriages that appeared to be boats!   He has quite the imagination, pooches!  Who knows what they did.

We are back at our den safe and sound today.  My manservant resumed his early morning walk/run at his walk/run park this morning and then returned to employ his lawn manicuring skills on our much-neglected lawn.  The morning was spent in that activity before he changed modes and became quite the housekeeper with scrubbing, dusting, polishing, sweeping and washing the primary activities.

When all work had been completed we enjoyed turning our attention to a lunch of a bacon, egg, and lettuce sandwich as we headed to an afternoon of relaxing on our Davenport.

It is good to be back, pooches!




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1 Response to I’M BACK!!!!!!

  1. Jenny Day says:

    So glad Sunshine and Starlight are back we were really worried that something had happened to them as we so enjoy their posts!!!!!

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