Our den today was a beehive of activity

Pooches, when my manservant headed to his walk/run park much earlier than usual this morning I knew something was amiss!  It was shortly after his return that another bevy of gentlemen arrived to perform a variety of work on our den.  Saws buzzed, hammers banged, and drills whirred throughout the day.  Starlight and I were, of course, on high alert throughout all of the activity but it seemed to us that there nothing was sinister about their activity and we were able to relax after a while.

My manservant, on the other hand, felt that his supervisory duties were in demand as he walked about chatting with each worker and commenting on what was to be done.  He took special pleasure when a couple of them ignored his suggestions and tried a procedure one way and then another.  My manservant reiterated his suggestion and, in despair, they decided to try his suggestion.  Pooches, it worked!  I could tell that they were not happy about the outcome but my manservant beamed and was motivated to renew his suggestions to the other workers about how the work should be done.  He finally retreated inside when they began searching for sharp objects to deal with the aggravation he was causing.

At the end of the day when the work had been completed we were all exhausted.  Starlight and I were tired because the constant banging of hammers, drilling of drills, and sawing of saws had kept us from our morning and afternoon naps.  My manservant said his exhaustion came from the necessary supervisory duties he had performed all day.

We rewarded ourselves in the evening with a thick bone-in boeuf eye of rib cooked on our grill on our patio.  Pooches, it hit the spot!

The very best news of the day is that my manservant forgot to take me to my vet appointment.  Woo hoo!



Where will the Hybridmobile II park?


Starlight, there are far too many lorries and carriages in our driveway.


Is it done yet?


Is it done yet?


I think you cooked the moo out of it.

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