Goodbye formerly majestic red oak

Pooches, it has been a sad but busy day around our den.  Shortly after my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run a bevy of lumberjacks appeared outside to remove the formerly majestic red oak from our back yard.  Starlight and I immediately went into action and barked non-stop at them as they dismantled our formerly majestic red oak.  The growl of the chainsaws finally drove us upstairs to get away from the irritating noise.

The deed is done now, pooches.  The last of our formerly majestic red oak disappeared from our back yard and was moved to our front yard to await the final transfer to the gigantic compost pile in the sky.  In an effort to soothe our grief we decided to dine on a veggie pizza for lunch with ample mozzarella!  Woo hoo!  It was quite tasty.

See you tomorrow, pooches, on Wordless Wednesday.



Starlight, there isn’t much left of our formerly majestic red oak.


A little bit of pizza always brightens our mood!

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