A wee excursion

Pooches, today began as usual with my manservant heading to his walk/run park at an early hour.  When he returned to our den we expected him to begin gardening, housekeeping or washing duties but instead he retired to a bath filled with hot water and began a long aromatherapy session!

My manservant was much like a wet noodle when he emerged and plopped down on our Davenport where he remained for most of the morning.  He brushed aside all thoughts of attending his usual yoga class and instead enjoyed his relaxed state and immobile state.  Starlight and I finally joined him on the Davenport to make sure he began preparation of our lunch at the appropriate time.

Lunch was prepared in a timely manner and we elected to dine at our picnic bench because the heat of the day was still a few hours away.  Despite a lack of meat (Starlight and I did find a bit of bacon in the spinach salad) we enjoyed munching away.  As  we finished lunch my manservant surprised us when he said we could attempt a light excursion today!  Woo hoo!

The Hybridmobile II excitedly shuttled us to my peninsula park, noting it was a park  that would require almost no use of my bum leg.  It was grand to be back at my Rez!  We enjoyed the bright SUNSHINE, the gentle breezes and the bustle of boats beginning their weekend on the water.  I even managed to find a few good smells within reach of my nose.

All in all it was grand to resume our excursions on a limited basis.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.



A grilled cheese sandwich on homemade bread, asparagus soup, and spinach salad provided a tasty lunch.


It is so good to resume our excursions!


Starlight, I’ll bet my Rez is going to be packed with boats tomorrow.


Do we have to go so soon?

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