Pooches, any day that starts out with thunder AND visiting my vet cannot be a good day!

When my manservant said he couldn’t go on his walk/run I suspected something was amiss and I was right.  Amidst the rumbling of thunder the Hybridmobile II escorted me to my vet where I received only one shot (with a five foot needle) and returned to our den with a number of drugs in hand intended to sooth my bum leg.  Thanks to all of you pooches who have warned my about certain drugs that are not good for pooches.  I’ve checked them and the latest round of pills all seem safe.

Because we are in an excursionless mode these days and because I had to visit my vet early this morning my manservant decided to soothe me with a wee bit of food throughout the day.

Our first meal was a bagel with lox (and accompaniments) and one with fig and cumin chutney.  After we returned from my maniacal vet my manservant said he was in the mood for tea and we enjoyed a blueberry scone with hibiscus tea.  Not to be outdone my manservant declared today’s lunch would be popcorn!  Woo hoo!

While sitting on the Davenport I enjoyed catching the popcorn that was tossed my way while Starlight raced around on the floor catching the wildly thrown pieces my manservant tossed in her general direction.

Perhaps, pooches, we will return to excursions in the near future.  Sigh.



Please leave the onions off our salmon.


Is it proper to call having tea in mid-morning a brunch?


Popcorn for lunch?  Woo hoo!




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