Another boring back yard excursion

Pooches, I’ve about had it with my bum leg.  My manservant firmly prohibits an excursion of the type to which we are accustomed.  He, of course, merrily departs for his walk/run each morning while I’m confined to our den or back yard.  Phooey!

After his return from the walk/run park this morning my manservant paid a visit to his groomer.  It was then the performance of a bevy of housekeeping chores around our den.  It was late morning when he departed for an errand at the market.  Pooches, when he returned Starlight and I immediately spied our lunch in his hands:  baby back ribs with barbecue sauce, barbecue beans and a broccoli and pear slaw.  Woo hoo!

A quick parade out to our picnic bench found us eating the sumptuous fare.  Starlight and I encouraged my manservant to focus on the broccoli and pear slaw while we took care of the ribs!  Yum!  We washed down lunch with a bottle of refreshing ice cold peach juice.

A brief stroll around our back yard following lunch substituted (poorly) for our excursion once again.  The heat of  the summer is upon us and  we decided our cool den was the preferable spot to nap through another boring afternoon.

Keep cool, pooches!




Sunshine, I think barbecue ribs ought to negate the ‘wait’ command.


I believe a manicuring session in our back yard is in order.


Silly us!  We almost forget our salted caramel gelato for dessert.


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