Finally Friday

Pooches, it has been quite a tiresome week around our den.  Workers have scurried to and fro for most of the week which spoiled the routine of our pack.  The most recent set of workers managed to stretch a five-minute task into five hours!  All in all it has been a frustrating and excursionless week.

My manservant opted to forego his morning walk/run in favor of performing a handful of housekeeping chores around our den.  When he returned following his late morning yoga class he headed to the kitchen and threw together a tasty lunch, made in part with the rabbit food from our CSA box.  Following lunch at the picnic bench Starlight and I spent the afternoon awaiting the arrival of our guests for the weekend, Fred and Buttons!!  Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, before Fred and Buttons arrived my womanservant got a wild hair in her head to perform a grooming job.  A grooming job on me, pooches!!  It was futile to resist because I was heavily outnumbered.   After the dastardly deed had been completed (and I had fetched a sweater to warm my shaved body)  I was just a shell of my former self.  My crazed womanservant with clippers in hand gazed toward Starlight but I  managed to divert her attention to my manservant who fled our den with much haste!

We will be quite busy around our pack this weekend, pooches, but all are welcome to stop by our den for a wee bit of social time.



Miso with noodles and garlic accompanied by a bit of Swiss chard,


You want to trim what?


Help, pooches.  Help!


Well this is a fine how do you do!

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