Disruptive Monday

Pooches, there is much excitement around our den today!  Shortly after my manservant returned from his walk/run park this morning a bevy of gentleman arrived at our den to begin some sort of work activity.  Starlight and I paid no attention to them but grew curious as shovels began flying it and appeared that they were in the process of stealing our den!  We remained uneasy despite my manservant’s assurance that he had engaged them to perform much-needed work on our residence.

The uneasiness turned into sheer terror when the jack hammers began their assault on our dwelling.  Starlight and I raced upstairs to one of the guest rooms in order to put as much distance between ourselves and the enormously loud machines.  My manservant accompanied us but soon grew hungry for breakfast and bravely headed downstairs to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

After much time had elapsed my manservant returned upstairs with a platter of food which resulted from grilling anything “that has been residing in our icebox for more than a day or two.”  We enjoyed our breakfast despite the thunderous roar coming from downstairs.  With a meal under our belts we felt more at ease and began our morning naps.

After my manservant returned from his Monday yoga class he prepared a tasty lunch of shrimp and chips with coleslaw piled on an onion roll.  Lunch was such an encouraging sight Starlight and I agreed to accompany my manservant out to our picnic bench to dine.

After lunch my manservant told us he felt it was wise for him to stay at our den rather than go on our excursion today in case the working gentlemen wanted to seek his advice on how to do their work.

Pooches, I don’t think he will be bothered.



Are you sure you grilled enough corn for our breakfast?


How many times have the working gentlemen asked for your advice?


These sure are wee shrimp!


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