Silent Saturday



We take a break from reading after an all-morning rain ends in the early afternoon!


My manservant enjoys spaghetti¬†and meatballs with garlic bread and a spring onion while…


Which one of you pooches put the idea in my manservant’s head that I should be eating cottage cheese with blueberries?



Only ONE meatball??

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2 Responses to Silent Saturday

  1. J. Matlock says:

    Lucy, from Tampa Bay, FL here. I was the pooch who tipped your manservant to give you cottage & blueberries. I see you lapped it all up. Yummy, wasn’t it?! Another delicious idea – Greek yogurt with berries – delish & provides healthy probiotics for our tummies. If you use honey, tell your manservant to buy local seasonal honey, available at farmers’ markets. It helps keep allergies at bay. Enjoy!

  2. J. Matlock says:

    Lucy again – Mummy sometimes gives us one small meatball too when she remembers not to put onions in them while making them for our Daddy who LOVES meatballs.

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