Excursions resume

Pooches, after an early morning visit to my vet this morning my manservant announced that we could resume limited excursions today.  I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Starlight!  As you can imagine she was quite excited to hear the news.  My manservant quickly rushed into the kitchen to prepare a celebratory breakfast of bangers with peppers and onions.  Woo hoo!

After performing a number of perfunctory duties around our den during the morning we realized lunchtime was near.  My manservant returned to the kitchen and in no time we were gathered around our picnic bench facing spinach/leek quiche and cottage cheese with blueberries and honey!  On the plate we also spied a wee bit of honeycomb which my manservant explained was a throwback to his days as a wee pup!  Of course, none of this was suitable for our appetites but thankfully a few filet of boeuf pooch treats had been brought with us which Starlight and I enjoyed while being grateful we didn’t have to survive on quiche and cottage cheese!

It was early afternoon when Starlight hopped into the Hybridmobile II (Starlight hopped while I was carried with much dignity) and buckled in the back seat.  The Hybridmobile II seemed quite excited that our excursions were resuming and bleated the news repeatedly making the announcement to all of the pooch dens as it glided down the lane.

Of course my overlook was our number one pick for today’s destination.  It was grand to be back!  The beautiful weather had brought out the citizenry in large numbers.  Starlight and I undertook a short stroll of about 50 meters before returning to the Hybridmobile II.

Pooches, it is good to be back.



Bangers with peppers and onions make a mighty fine breakfast!


Thank goodness you brought our pooch treats with you.


Ahhh!  It’s good to be back!


Starlight, it appears we were supposed to bring our hammock with us.


My bum leg tells me it is time to head back to our den.



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2 Responses to Excursions resume

  1. J. Matlock says:

    Dear Sunshine, While it seems your tastes run towards eating meat, cottage cheese, blueberries & honey is very tasty & very good for little dogs to eat. Enjoy!
    Lucy (my Mom helped me type this.)

  2. Dear Lucy, Thanks for the advice. My manservant tells me cottage cheese with accoutrements is quite tasty. I’ll try it when all the boeuf is gone
    Sunshine (I helped my manservant write this.)

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