Excursions still prohibited

Pooches, sorry for being out of touch for the past week but my bum leg continues to give me fits and no relief is in sight.  My surgery last week was cancelled and instead I’m being fed a steady diet of drugs.

On a brighter note, dining around our den has been exceptional of late!  It seems one or more of my medicines causes an increased appetite and my manservant has been kind  by preparing an array of good eats for the past week.  After returning from an early morning visit to his teeth vet this morning my manservant prepared a tasty breakfast of a veggie omelet, bacon, and biscuits with peach jam.  After breakfast was eaten and the cleaned dishes returned to the cupboard, my manservant  headed to the market to acquire supplies for a good old-fashioned shrimp boil for lunch.  Woo hoo!  Before lunch was prepared my manservant suggested that a wee bit of a stroll in our poochhood might get us out of the doldrums from sitting in our den for the past week.  It was a good thought but my bum leg would not cooperate and we returned to our den as soon as we reached the lane in front of our den.

After lunch was prepared we paraded (or limped) out to our picnic bench and thoroughly enjoyed spicy boiled shrimp, sausage and corn on the cob!  With full bellies Starlight and I are resigned to spent another afternoon sitting in our den or back yard while my manservant attends a new yoga class.



After the bacon we want to try some of the biscuit with peach preserves.


Here is the start of our attempt at a brief stroll in our poochhood.


It didn’t work.


This shrimp is nice but you can start sending the sausage our way!


Starlight, you ought to try some of the corn on the cob!


What are we eating tonight?

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1 Response to Excursions still prohibited

  1. J. Matlock says:

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather Sunshine. I do not know what drugs you are taking, but tell your manservant not to give you a med called Rimadyl. Nasty stuff it is and almost killed my Westie Teddy. Maybe try some laser treatments, Chinese herbs or Canine Cannabis oil. Also recommend your servants get you a doggie stroller so you can go along on walks. Take it easy & I hope you are on the mend soon.

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