Hybridmobile II goes off-road!

Pooches, it has been a busy day around our den!  As soon as my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he pulled the lawn manicuring machine out of storage and began a bevy of yard work activities.  As soon as he declared all yard work completed for the day he began knocking off a long list of errands that were hanging over his head (just an expression, pooches).  During all of this activity Starlight and I were busily taking morning naps.

My manservant finally completed all bothersome duties before him for the day and said that he needed a rewarding lunch in return.  Boeuf was placed on the grill and we were soon enjoying a tasty lunch at our picnic bench.

It was later than usual when we undertook our excursion.  The Hybridmobile II had quite the excitement when it ventured off-road for the first time at my park in the pine grove!  It performed admirably using extreme caution as its paws left the pavement for the first time.  The smells were in fine form and Starlight and I thoroughly enjoyed our stroll along the waterfront.  There was a bit of excitement when my manservant spied three snakes as we strolled along the shoreline.  They successfully scurried away each time.

As  we returned to our den following our excursion the Hybridmobile II retold the experience of venturing off-road for the first time in great detail with much pride!



A bone-in boeuf eye of rib, baked tattie and lettuce wedge serve as a proper celebratory lunch for a successful morning of work.


I smell a snake!


Mind the snakes, Starlight.


Sunshine, the Hybridmobile II seems quite proud to have ventured off-road.


Not only do I smell snake, Starlight, but a ‘gator has been here as well!

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