Still soggy but beautiful

Pooches, after an all day rain on Saturday and a cloudy, cold and dreary day on Sunday we are finally starting the process of drying out in these parts.  It was a frosty morning today as my manservant headed to his walk/run park in full winter regalia.  He had started his wash day duties early and upon his return from his morning constitutional started another load.

We were all a bit hungry as my manservant headed to the kitchen for breakfast preparation.  Starlight and I suggested that he make something hearty.  Appartently that was all that was needed to motivate my manservant to an enthusiastic time in the kitchen.  Half and hour later we marched to our picnic bench and a large plate of egg, smoked bangers, bacon, cubed tatties seared in ham drippings and a generous slice of warm banana bread slathered in cream cheese sent a wave of exhilaration through our pack.  Pooches, you wouldn’t believe how quickly the banquet was consumed leaving us with full bellies and content dispositions which was the perfect way to start our morning naps.  As Starlight and I retired to our chambers my manservant resumed his wash day duties.

My manservant returned from his yoga class at the usual time.  Starlight and I inquired about the menu for today’s lunch when my manservant suggested a light and healthy one.  I told my manservant that was not necessary but he said we should dine a bit lighter for a while lest those who happen to read accounts of our daily excursions mistake our keen appetites for gluttony.  It turned out to be worse than Starlight and I imagined, pooches.  Grilled bok choy and skim cheese stuffed mini=peppers was served when lunch was removed from the grill!  Help!

Not having gained any energy on such a lunch we all choose to enjoy our drying back yard as the location for today’s excursion.

Pooches, we’re hoping we can fight off the hunger until dinner is served tonight.



In retrospect, this feast turned out to be more of a last meal!


You really weren’t kidding!


Stop and smell what?


Sunshine, maybe we can find something to eat in your manservant’s herb garden.


It this my good side?

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1 Response to Still soggy but beautiful

  1. J. Matlock says:

    Dear Sunshine, I do not think you will starve after that ample breakfast. And yes, that IS you good side, Then again, all sides are good as you are a handsome boy.

    Bestie Regards, Lucy & my Mom from Florida

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