Picnic bench excursion?

Pooches, today started off as usual with my manservant undertaking his morning walk/run and his walk/run park followed by breakfast at our picnic bench.  He slurped a bowl of Greek yoghurt with fruit but was thoughtful enough to cook a few wee bangers for Starlight and me.  While we napped after breakfast my manservant performed a few housekeeping duties before heading to his Friday yoga class.

Time spent in the kitchen by my manservant following yoga class yielded a tasty lunch of boeuf chow mein.  We excitedly headed to the picnic bench where my manservant wielded his stick things to eat lunch.  Starlight and I saved our share of lunch for occasional pieces of boeuf that would head our way via the sticks.

It was apparent my manservant wasn’t interested in hitting the carriageway for an excursion.  He suggested that we enjoy our excursion by taking a stroll around the poochhood as we frequently do on rubbish day.  Starlight and I declined preferring early afternoon naps and noting we felt safer in our den because the bin lorry gathering the rubbish had been careless of pedestrians of late.

Pooches, the prognosticators are warning of storms arriving tonight around the witching hour and continuing for much of tomorrow.  I suppose it will be a Silent and Soggy Saturday!



These wee bangers are quite tasty this morning!


Do you have grass clippings in your yoghurt?


It has been a long time since we’ve enjoyed boeuf chow mein for lunch.


Keep the boeuf comimg!


Your stick things dropped my boeuf!

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