A busy lazy day

Pooches, our pack has been quite busy being lazy today!  It was a wee bit chilly when my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning and he decided it was a morning worthy of a fire in the fireplace.  That did it.  We gathered around the fire and we thoroughly enjoyed doing nothing for most of the morning except occasionally retrieving more firewood.

Starlight and I enjoyed being outside briefly in late morning while my manservant prepared lunch.  With said lunch in hand he soon marched out to the picnic bench where red beans and rice was enjoyed by my manservant while Starlight and I focused on the sausage contained therein.  Yum!

After lunch and the customary washing, drying and returning of dishes to the cupboard we decided to undertake an excursion and introduce the Hybridmobile II to my default park.  The Hybridmobile II purred quietly to my overlook where a gorgeous day was in the making.  Starlight and I enjoyed an energetic perambulation and sniffing of the numerous smells along the way.  Pooches, the clover is getting rather deep and it won’t be long before the authorities are forced to do a wee bit of manicuring.  Until then I expect the smells to be at their peak for the season.

We’ve returned to our den where Starlight and I have decided to enjoy our afternoon naps in front of the dwindling fire while my manservant intends to manicure our front yard.

See you on Wordless Wednesday, pooches!


I do love sunny but chilly spring mornings.


There’s more than one way to enjoy sunny but chilly spring mornings!


Let’s begin our perambulation at the waterfront.


Sometimes a pooch just has to stop and sniff.


Starlight, I don’t think the water has warmed enough this year for a swim.


Put the camera down so you can keep passing the sausages.

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