Mellow Monday!

Pooches, what a BIG weekend we had in Elvistown.  Fred and Buttons were the master host and hostess and the mirth and merriment was non-stop!  Saturday was a rather wintery day but we found plenty of activity indoors.  The Hybridmobile III performed exceptionally well ferrying us to Elvistown from our den on Saturday and repeated the task in reverse yesterday afternoon as we returned to our village.

Starlight and I both preferred today to be a day of rest but my manservant insisted that we undertake an excursion as a part of the Hybridmobile II’s excursion training.  After cooking and enjoying shrimp and chips (with a wee green salad for color) we headed to the Hybridmobile II.  While discussing our destination it was agreed that it had been a while since we had visited my arboretum and headed in that direction as the Hybridmobile II embarked on its second excursion.

Although our village had been the recipient of plenty of rain over the weekend my arboretum had drained nicely and the mells were plenteous.  We sniffed, scurried and strolled throughout my park while circumnavigating it completely.  After most smells had been investigated we returned to the Hybridmobile II which was faithfully waiting for our return.  Our plan for the remainder of the day is to catch up on our day of rest while my manservant belatedly begins his wash day duties.



You eat the green salad while Starlight and I take care of the shrimp and squiggly chips.


So this is what poison ivy looks like.


We’re nearing the rear of my arboretum when we come across yet another bridge.


Sunshine, uh, I’m not sure we should be walking on this bridge. 


It won’t be long before we can’t sniff under downed trees lest our noses get chomped by a snake.


Starlight, I think the Hybridmobile II is going to make a fine excursion carriage!

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