The Hybridmobile II’s first regular excursion

Pooches, after a busy week filled with significant changes in our fleet of carriages, Starlight and I decided it was time to introduce the Hybridmobile II to our pack’s daily routine.  It was quite warm this morning (despite the polar plunge that is arriving tonight) and my manservant decided to train the Hybridmobile II to ferry him to his walk/run park.  When they returned my manservant commented that the Hybridmobile II seemed to be a quick learner and almost immediately we promoted it to the advanced track!

After successfully delivering and retrieving my manservant to and from his yoga class, a lunch was prepared from the victuals in our icebox.  Pooches, not only did we have a hearty boeuf bugger on an onion roll for my manservant, wee boeuf burger sliders on whole wheat slider buns were plated and carried to our picnic bench for Starlight and me.  I had suggested that we carry our lunch with us on our excursion and dine in the boot of the Hybridmobile II but my manservant vetoed the idea because he was concerned about how it might react to us dining in its boot on its first day of official excursions.

When our lunch had been enjoyed at our picnic bench we decided that a gentle excursion would be the best option for our Hybridmobile apprentice.  It was given directions to my school park and after a successful journey we were soon parked facing my Rez.  Starlight and I bounded out toward the waterfront and enjoyed the numerous smells along the way.  Following a successful jaunt at my school park we returned to the Hybridmobile II which had been keeping an eye on us the entire time we were at my school park.

It’s off to bed early tonight for our pack as we prepare for the Hybridmobile III’s maiden voyage to Elvistown tomorrow morning.  Woo hoo!



It is nice of you to provide us with plates for our sliders.


Starlight, I hope the rain holds off until we’re finished with our excursion.


Sunshine, don’t look at me because I’m going to slowly amble my way toward those geese pretending I don’t see them.


I’m afraid we’re in for a big blow tonight!


The Hybridmobile II has been keeping an eye on us the entire time.

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