Busy, busy week

Pooches, my manservant tells me that there is an end in sight to all of the busyness.  This week has been a non-stop time of errand running for my manservant.  Today was no exception.  After returning from a brief walk/run at his walk/run park, my manservant began preparations for a somber visit to a not-so-nearby-village with my womanservant.  My womanservant was driving the new HYBRIDMOBILE III (who will be introduced at a later date) and met my manservant at said village.  Upon his return from this activity my manservant returned to our den and announced he was in the mood for pizza!  Woo hoo!

We enjoyed a tasty pizza at a temporary picnic bench before my manservant returned to his errand-running activity.  Starlight and I decided we were getting tired from watching my manservant running to and fro so we headed for our afternoon naps without the expectation of an excursion today.

Despite the busyness of the day my manservant stopped by his fish monger in the wee village to our north and stowed a fine fillet of redfish in the icebox for tonight’s meal.  After our preliminary dinner had been prepared and served Starlight and I agreed to my manservant’s call for an excursion in our back yard.  It wasn’t exactly an excursion per se but it sufficed to exercise our legs until the main course of redfish and greenery could be served later in the evening.

Starlight and I have decided to pay a visit to Elvistown this weekend as a way of introducing ourselves to the Hybridmobile III and getting to know each other as well as escaping from the non-stop errand-running that has plagued our den this week.  Although we won’t be leaving for Elvistown until Saturday morning we already have our bags packed and placed by the back door to load into the Hybridmobile III’s boot for our first road trip together!  Woo hoo!

I can feel the weekend coming on, pooches!



I think I’ll have swigs of the stout between bites of pizza.


It is against the rules to call this an excursion.  This is not your first warning.


These darn oak catkins are everywhere in our back yard and are driving me crazy!  #banthecatkins


The end.

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