Tromping the poochhood

Pooches, it has been a pretty slow day around our den.  After my manservant’s walk/run he headed out to perform “a bushel and a peck” of errands and didn’t return until lunchtime.  The best news we received was that he had gone to visit my vet to acquire drugs for Starlight and me and neither one of us had to go with him!  Woo hoo!

It was such a pretty morning that, rather than assist my manservant in the kitchen as lunch was being prepared, Starlight and I enjoyed lying about in our back yard.  It wasn’t long before lunch was served in our back yard.  Throwing caution to the wind we decided to plop down on the grass sans our tablecloth to eat our lunch.

After the emotionally draining excursion yesterday there was unanimous agreement that we would take a short stroll through the poochhood to my median for our excursion.  The wind was quite blustery due to an approaching cold front that will arrive tonight accompanied by fierce and noisy storms!  Because of the gusty winds strolling was a bit of a challenge.

Other than the wind we enjoyed a nice, gentle stroll and we found plenty of smells to keep us busy.  We’re back at our den now preparing to batten the hatches before tonight’s storms arrive.



While preparing our lunch my manservant retrieved his spyglass to keep an eye on us.


A ham salad sandwich is certainly lighter fare than usual.


This is our favorite spot in our village for smells.


Keep single file, Starlight.  I hear the schoolbus returning for afternoon deliveries.


Oh goody, the post has arrived.

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