Farewell to the Hybridmobile!

Pooches, our Hybridmobile announced this morning that it had made the decision to move to the Old Carriages Rest Home to join our good ol’ Bumpkinmobile!  It was quite a shock to us but we congratulated the Hybridmobile enthusiastically on retirement.  Immediately we began making plans for a final excursion.

After faithfully ferrying my manservant to his walk/run park for his walk/run the Hybridmobile began the task of carrying my manservant on errands to and fro around our village.  In the midst of the errands my manservant stopped by the market to pick up a celebratory lunch of barbecue ribs and baked potato salad with sweet tea.

As we began our final excursion with the Hybridmobile we found ourselves being ferried to numerous parks (no doubt the Hybridmobile was bidding them farewell) before finally stopping at my boundary park.  With lunch in hand we gathered in the boot of the Hybridmobile where a fine meal was enjoyed as we reminisced about all the fine excursions we had enjoyed together.  After lunch Starlight and I tried to go on a sniffing expedition around my park but neither of us were in the mood knowing that the Hybridmobile will be leaving us tomorrow morning.

It was a bittersweet excursion, pooches, but Starlight and I are focusing our attention on meeting the Hybridmobile III tomorrow as we welcome it to our pack!



Sunshine, it’s hard to believe this is our last lunch in the boot of the Hybridmobile.


These barbecue ribs are not long for this world.


Sunshine, I think we’re supposed to be looking at the camera.


I wonder if the Hybridmobile III is going to like going on excursions?

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