All events today have been cancelled

Pooches, the heavy rain moved in yesterday evening and continued through the early morning hours today.  After reviewing the weather prognosticators’ discussions for today, Starlight and I concluded that all outdoor activity today would be cancelled, including our excursion.  A brief break in the rain did allow my manservant to tend to his walk/run at his flooded walk/run park but the rain resumed shortly after his return.

Starlight wasn’t bothered in the least by the outlook because she and my womanservant were spending the morning packing before being ferried by the Hybridmobile II to a faraway village in the Bayou state for a long weekend of agility competition.  My manservant and I gave wide berth to the packing activity and, after bidding the travelers farewell shortly before noon, we decided that if we couldn’t do anything today out-of-doors we would spend the afternoon in the kitchen!  Woo hoo!

A run to the market was made to pick up the necessary comestibles.  After that errand had been completed priority of preparation of the various victuals was given to our lunch for the day.  Lunch was simmering on the stovetop when my manservant began preparation of our Easter ham.

Our tasty lunch was eaten in our indoor dining hall while my manservant and I discussed the pros and cons of the various recipes for French dip.  We came to agreement on our favorite recipe and, after finishing lunch and washing, drying, and returning dishes to the cupboard, the prepared ham was placed in the over as we began the all-afternoon process of slow cooking a choice boeuf roast.

It’s now late afternoon and it appears that the rain has ended for the day because abundant SUNSHINE is peeking through the shutters.  Our den is filled with wonderful aromas and my manservant and I are contemplating a stroll through the poochhood before the next stages of cooking begins.

Pooches, it’s turning out to be a good day after all!



At least today’s lunch has a wee bit of color in it other than brown!


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