Another lazy day

Pooches, there must be something in the air.  Starlight and I were feeling a bit sluggish this morning when we awoke and decided we were going to declare today to be a chair day.  My manservant shrugged his shoulders and headed out for his morning walk/run at his walk/run park.  When he returned he commented that it was a wee bit cooler than he thought and would wait an hour for the temperature to warm a little before he began his planned gardening activity for the day.

He joined Starlight and me in our chair.  One hour soon turned to two hours.  By the third hour we were all comfy in our chair and snoring away!  My manservant finally roused himself and headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch in hopes that would give us some energy.  By lunchtime we were enjoying a tasty retro lunch of cubed boeuf with rice and gravy, and butter beans at our picnic bench!  Woo hoo!

The hearty meal did, indeed, seem to give us energy and we soon hopped into the Hybridmobile to knock off some outstanding errands combined with an excursion to my school park.  Under overcast skies the wind was rather blustery and made my Rez quite choppy.  Starlight and I leisurely strolled along the waterfront sniffing an occasional smell here and there.  The laziness of the morning once again took over and the decision was soon made to return to our den for resumption of afternoon naps.

Pooches, the gardening activity is still pending.




Sunshine, your manservant can certainly cook tasty lunches when he wants to.


I guess this means it is excursion time.


When we arrived at my school park we immediately headed to the waterfront.


Starlight, mind the splashing waves near the shoreline.


Stop taking pictures and get in the Hybridmobile so we can resume our naps!




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