Rumpledethumps win the day

Pooches, today has been a bit more exciting than yesterday.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park as usual but didn’t realize how cold it was before he arrived at the park.  His walk/run proved to be abbreviated but he still declared it a success.

Routine housekeeping duties were carried out through the morning until it was time to travel to Friday yoga class.  Starlight and I were wondering my manservant was going to keep his promise and cook Rumpledethumps for lunch.  He headed to the kitchen upon his returned and in half and hour called Starlight and me to hop in the Hybridmobile.  Lunch was packed away and stowed in the boot of the Hybridmobile.

The Hybridmobile was pleased to hear that we were going to my park on the north end of my Rez for our excursion.  It glided gently down the back lanes as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of spring in the countryside.  Our journey to my park was finally complete as the Hybridmobile pulled into a choice parking space.  Lunch was unpacked  as we hopped on the picnic table and we were delighted to see RUMPLEDETHUMPS!  Woo hoo!

After making sure there was no one nearby we shouted “Death to the red hag” as is customary.  Shortly thereafter we were gobbling down the Rumpledethumps.  A long sniffing stroll along the waterfront followed lunch before we finally returned to our den.

All in all a good day, pooches.  See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!



It has been ages since we’ve eaten Rumpledethumps!


Friday afternoons near boat launches in the spring certainly get crowded.


I sure we will be revisiting this dewberry patch in a few weeks!


It’s an exceptional day for smells, Starlight.


I hope that sound isn’t from a ‘gator!


Sunshine, your manservant is calling us back to the Hybridmobile.

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