Nothing happening here, pooches

Pooches, what a dull day around these parts!  My manservant headed to the wee village to our north this morning to work for a few hours on something or other.  Starlight and I napped all morning (which is not a bad thing) and were ready for some activity after lunch.  When my manservant returned he served arugula salad with white bean soup.  Starlight and I opted for the optional chicken wings.

None of us felt the desire to go on a regular excursion today.  When my manservant and I decided to make our excursion a stroll through the poochhood, Starlight said she had much barking to do in the backyard and preferred to stay at our den.  As my manservant and I departed strolled through the poochhood we could hear barking being broadcast from our backyard the entire time!

We’re back at our den now where we will snooze until dinner.



We are quite grateful for the optional chicken wings!


I’ll pass on the arugula salad, thanks very much, but will gladly take some more chicken wing.


It seems odd to be on an excursion through the poochhood without Starlight.


You can hear Starlight barking all the way over here! 


This is a different kind of clover.  Let’s pick some.

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