It has been a dull Monday

Pooches, our pack woke up this morning rather lethargic and that is the way our day has remained.  My manservant reported that he went on a vigorous and lengthy walk/run this morning but that has been the only excitment.  We’ve mostly reclined on the Davenport while my manservant read for his academic pursuit on Wednesday.

When my manservant returned from his Monday yoga class Starlight requested that he prepare Rumpledethumps for lunch.  My manservant denied the request because his plan was to finish the last of Saturday’s Irish stew.  Starlight was pleased when my manservant said Rumpledethumps would be on the menu later in the week and dove into the Irish stew enthusiastically.

Excursion time found us at my school park where we stayed (mostly) on the pavement because the excessive rain has left my school park a quagmire.  Surprisingly, the smells were plentiful.  The afternoon was quite warm but a stiff breeze blowing off of my Rez made conditions quite comfortable.

Pooches, it is back to lethargy for Starlight and me.



You can send some of that garlic/parmesan bread this way!


I’m glad to have my school park!


Those geese over there are creating quite a ruckus.


The only way to keep the fur out of my eyes is face the wind.


Sunshine, which way should we go?


For a dull day that was a fine excursion.

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One Response to It has been a dull Monday

  1. Liz Charnes says:

    Sunshine and Starlight are gorgeous. MacDougal sends his greetings.

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