Grooming excursion

Pooches, Starlight left our den early today to spend the morning with her groomer.  My manservant headed to his frosty walk/run park shortly thereafter.  It was a treat to be alone in our den and I took full advantage of the opportunity with some quality nap time knowing that I would not be disturbed.

My manservant returned from his walk/run later complaining about the cold weather.  He reported that the Hybridmobile was not behaving properly and may have to take it to the Hybridmobile vet for a physical if it doesn’t improve.  Because of his concern a planned trip to the wee village to our north was delayed until tomorrow.

With his morning plans cancelled my manservant aroused me from my nap and requested that I sit with him on the Davenport while he read a book on St. Patrick.  It was a quiet morning without Starlight around to stir things up and my manservant and I found the quiet morning quite relaxing.

In late morning the call was received that the grooming had been completed and it was time to retrieve Starlight.  My manservant and I had eaten an early lunch so we decided to go on today’s excursion after retrieving Starlight.  When Starlight was safely buckled in my manservant and I thoughtfully oohed and ahhed over Starlight’s new furdo before the Hybridmobile ferried us to my rarely visited park in the corner of my Rez.

It was a routine excursion, pooches, with the exception of an unusual amount of smells.  There was no way Starlight and I could sniff them all and my rude manservant refused to assist us in sniffing when he was asked.  It was with tired sniffers that we returned to our den for the afternoon.



Starlight, there are so many smells we need some help sniffing.


Starlight proudly shows off her furdo to some arrving fisherfolk.


Starlight, I’d rather not go on the pier.


Say, what are they building at my park?

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