Beating the chilly weather

Pooches, once again it was a frosty morning in these parts.  After completing his morning walk/run my manservant said he had a project to undertake in the wee village to our north that would occupy most of the morning.  Starlight and I bade him farewell and were grateful our morning naps would be uninterrupted.

It was late morning when he returned laden with bags from the market.  He headed to the kitchen where he sliced and chopped and sautéed and boiled before joining us on the Davenport to await completion of the cooking of spaghetti!  Starlight and I were excited at the prospect of spaghetti but were a wee bit concerned about how we would eat spaghetti at our picnic bench.  It turned out there was no need to worry because as we transferred our lunch to the picnic bench my manservant brought along our pooch food bowls.  No forks were necessary.  Woo hoo!

After lunch we discussed where to go on an excursion today.  My manservant suggested my spillway park because the height of the spillway would block the cold north wind.  Pooches, sometimes my manservant is rather clever!  His suggestion was agreed upon and we hopped into the excited Hybridmobile which finds crossing the spillway to be a fun activity.

As we arrived at my spillway park we were able to enjoy the beautiful SUNSHINE whilst being shielded from the cold north wind.  There were plenty of smells at my park thanks to the many fisherfolk along the river bank.  We traveled to and fro around my park sniffing until Starlight and I decided we were ready to begin long afternoon naps.  The faithful Hybridmobile returned us safely to our den and those said afternoon naps are about to begin!



While my manservant cooked our spaghetti Starlight and I enjoyed the SUNSHINE and green grass.


You forgot to give us a piece of the garlic-parmesan bread.  We don’t care for the French onion soup.


I didn’t know trash could swim!


My river at my spillway is quite frothy today.


Let’s turn around, Starlight.  We don’t want to step on the wildflowers.

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