Fireplace weather

Pooches, when we awoke this morning and ventured outside we felt as if we had been transported back to January!  Although the clouds had dispersed the abundant SUNSHINE belied the temperature.  Starlight and I ventured outside for our daily inspection of new blooming plants in our back yard but quickly returned inside understanding that an excursion today in this cold weather was highly unlikely.

After a brief attempt at his morning walk/run my manservant returned to our den and threw himself into his wash day duties.  Each time he carried a load of wet garments outdoors to be hung on the line he would return shivering and soaking his hands in the warm water that had been drawn to wash breakfast dishes.

It was a typical uneventful morning until my manservant made a large bowl of popcorn.  We gathered in front of the fire and thoroughly enjoyed tossing popcorn to each other and catching it in our mouths!

After my manservant returned from his yoga class he announced that in conjunction with wash day today was “Clean out the refrigerator and eat it for lunch Day”.  Neither Starlight nor I had heard of such a day but we enthusiastically joined in the celebration.  Our time at the picnic bench enjoying boeuf ribs in sauce, ravioli (in another kind of sauce),and green peas.  After a few bites of each we hurried indoors to complete our lunch in warmer conditions.  Our lunch was capped off by a wee bit of salted caramel ice cream.  Woo hoo!

Starlight and I are going to throw a couple of logs on the fire before we enjoy our afternoon naps.  My manservant has returned to his wash day duties.



It is much too cold for the week before spring!


Toss some more popcorn over here while we warm ourselves by the fire.


Here’s the plan:  Starlight and I will eat the boeuf ribs while you eat the green peas.  We’ll draw straws for the ravioli.

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