Eating, housekeeping and a good ol’ excursion

Pooches, it was quite a frosty morning at our den!  My manservant declined to attend to his walk/run and said he might do it later in the day.  It was his opinion that our pack should dedicate today to a wee bit of housekeeping and eating followed by an old-fashioned excursion.  Starlight and I cheered and high-fived each other as my manservant began his housekeeping duties.

He soon took a break in said duties and headed to the kitchen for breakfast preparation.  A hearty meal of sausage and hash browns with an egg SUNSHINE side up was soon ready for eating and we hungrily paraded to our picnic bench to enjoy the feast.  After breakfast my manservant returned to his housekeeping activity while Starlight and I resumed our morning naps.

It was mid-morning when my manservant announced he was heading to a wee shop in the neighboring village to purchase new walk/run shoes for his paws before he began lunch preparation.  While he was on his errand Starlight and I had a lively conversation predicting the menu for our lunch.  My manservant soon returned proudly wearing his new walk/run shoes.  Starlight and I oohed and ahhed over them each thinking how lucky we were not to have to wear shoes!

As lunch preparation began my manservant gathered several items from the cabinets and the icebox before inviting us to join him outside.  I knew that meant one thing:  grilled boeuf for lunch.  Woo hoo!  The fire in the grill had been lit earlier and my manservant announced the coals were at the perfect stage.  A fine boeuf eye of rib was soon sizzling on the grill while Starlight and I were assigned the duty of guarding it.

Our meal plated and we enjoyed a leisurely meal of the boeuf, a baked tattie and a lettuce wedge with blue cheese.  It was with full bellies and my manservant vowing that we would skip dinner tonight, that we headed to the Hybridmobile to carry us to a gentle excursion.  The Hybridmobile ferried us to my overlook where Starlight and I strolled gently about remaining on the top of the hill.

We’re back to the den now and about to undertake serious naps!  I hope my manservant wasn’t serious about skipping dinner tonight.  Burp.



Sunshine, it is hard to beat sausage for breakfast!


Starlight and I have been keeping the predators away.  Is it done yet?


We take a brief moment to savor our boeuf before gobbling it down.


Everything seems to be in order at my overlook.


Patches of wildflowers are one of those special gifts in life!



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