Tired Tuesday

Pooches, after my manservant returned from his walk/run park this morning he reported that he was quite puggled after yesterday’s farming activities and concluded it would be a good idea to spend the day in our den. Besides, he reasoned, the bucketload of rain overnight had returned us to soggy conditions.  In addition, he pointed out, my bum leg was acting up therefore he concluded cocooning was the only reasonable plan for the day.

With blue skies and pleasant temperatures outside Starlight and I were quite disappointed but knew that when my manservant is puggled no amount of persuasion will be effective.   We headed to the Davenport and settled in for a long day of cocooning.  Our morning was made a bit cheerier when my manservant popped a huge bowl of popcorn which Starlight and I enjoyed eating and throwing at each other.

As lunchtime rolled around my manservant served up a large plate of bangers and tatties, turnips with greens, mashed rutabaga and a hearty root beer float for dessert!  Woo hoo!  We gingerly headed to our picnic bench carefully avoiding the copious amounts of standing water in our back yard.  It was a fine meal, pooches, and we have returned to our Davenport planning to snooze through the afternoon.



I’ll have a sip of our root beer float next!

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