Barely an excursion

Pooches, greetings from our waterlogged land!  Yesterday was a complete washout.  Soon after my manservant returned from his walk/run park the skies opened up and we were pretty much den-bound for the remainder of the day.

Today brought us blue skies, cool temperatures and plenty of SUNSHINE!  Looks can be deceiving though because everywhere outdoors is quite soggy.  My manservant returned from this morning’s walk/run and said even the paved walkways were soggy!  Starlight’s eyes grew wide when she heard this but knowing my manservant’s proclivity for exaggeration I assured Starlight that might not be the case.

After today’s yoga class my manservant suggested a short excursion (on the soggy pavement) somewhere.  After packing yesterday’s leftover chicken and dumplings for my manservant and peanut butter on whole wheat for Starlight and me we hopped in the Hybridmobile which took us to my Saturday park once again.

Pooches, my manservant was right.  After my manservant slurped his chicken and dumplings and Starlight and I daintily ate our peanut butter on whole wheat we hopped out of the boot of the Hybridmobile and headed out for exploration.  It didn’t last long because everywhere we tried to go was a bog.

Pooches, maybe it will dry out some for Silent Saturday!



It’s nice to eat in the SUNSHINE!


It’s getting squishy over here, Starlight.


I think it would be drier out on my Rez.


Sunshine, there’s more standing water over here.

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