Bonnie Monday

Pooches, this morning Starlight and I agreed that today would be a resting day after the gluttony, mirth and merriment of the weekend with Fred, Buttons and Molly who have returned to their respective dens.  It was a dreich morning with chilly temperatures, fog and the steady rain of all day yesterday continuing.  While Starlight and I rolled over in our bed my manservant headed to his walk/run park determinedly.  It was a brave effort but he returned to our den rather chilly and wet before beginning his wash day duties.

My manservant attended his yoga class and returned in late morning. A light lunch was prepared as we recovered from stuffing ourselves on Molly’s manservant’s birthday cake after eating loads of boeuf, and mash with gravy this weekend.  The SUNSHINE had finally burst forth and the signs of spring were everywhere.  We sloshed out way out to our picnic bench and enjoyed pooches treats with peanut butter while my manservant munched on an egg roll and the crunchy things.

The weather was so nice Starlight and I abandoned our plan to skip an excursion today and we hurried to the Hybridmobile following lunch.  We were ferried to my Saturday park for the first time this year.  Starlight and I had a grand time running to and fro about the park even though all smells had been washed away in the copious amounts of rain of yesterday and overnight.  We finally sat on the shoreline and enjoyed the soft breezes and the signs of spring before heading back to our den for the afternoon.

Starlight and I have resumed our resting mode while my manservant has sloshed his way through our back yard to perform some outdoor chores.  All in all it has been a bonnie day, pooches!



The peanut butter spread on our pooch treats was a clever idea!


Starlight, I’m afraid there are no smells today after all of the rain.


It has turned into a bonnie afternoon at my Saturday park!


Sunshine, with nothing to smell let’s just stay here for a while and enjoy the view.


My pear trees are putting on quite a show this year!



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