Faking it Friday

Pooches, don’t you like it when a plan comes together?  Today it did!

When my manservant headed for his obligatory mug of java this morning he told us that if today was a bucket he had more than a bucketful of errands to run today.  Starlight and I weren’t quite sure what that meant but as he headed to an abbreviated walk/run at his walk/run park we headed to our first round of morning naps.

My manservant returned to our den after the walk/run and roused me from my morning nap before picking me up and placing me in my routine spot in the Hybridmobile.  As the Hybridmobile rolled down the lane I noted that Starlight was not with us as I suddenly realized that my manservant’s threat all this week of a vet visit because of my bum leg had come to fruition.  Wisely, on the journey to my vet, I developed a clever plan.

My manservant and I sat patiently in the waiting room after our arrival.  I perused the years-old magazines on subjects that no one cares about before  I was summoned into an examination room.  My manservant explained to my vet that I had been limping all week and he assumed I had what is known in layman’s terms as a bum leg.  The vet examined my leg quite closely and rudely bent it in all sorts of directions expecting to see a grimace of pain on my face.  Hee hee!  The vet saw no grimace whatsoever, only a smile!

He then suggested that I be placed on the floor to walk about in the hallway.  Result:  no limp!  He decided that I needed to go outdoors to have more room to walk in order to observe the limp.  I was carried to a patch of grass and gracefully walked about with no limp!  Hee hee!

Finally I was instructed to exercise vigorously in the large parking lot.  I complied and the result was:  no limp!  Hee hee!  My vet finally looked suspiciously at my (by then) red-faced manservant and said he would prescribe some sort of medicine for me (woo hoo, pooches, it has to be taken with a pooch treat!) and see if that would resolve the problem.  Grumbling, my manservant carried me back to the Hybridmobile and we were ferried back to our den.

Pooches, the funniest thing.  When we arrived at my den my limp suddenly returned in earnest and I could barely walk.  I think that if it doesn’t get any better I might need to be carried everywhere.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!



After the visit to my vet we enjoyed a fine lunch of crab cakes, applesauce, a wedge salad and iced pomegranate tea at our picnic bench.


Help!  My bite of crab cake has fallen in the crack!

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One Response to Faking it Friday

  1. J. Matlock says:

    Sunshine, It was a bit naughty of you to fake not having a limp, but your manservant (Daddy) is only trying to do what is best for you. Don’t know what med the vet prescribed but tell your manservant not to give you Rimadyl – an evil, dangerous drug that almost killed my Westie Teddy when he had arthritis. Messed up Teddy’s liver & his life was never the same after. If your limp persists, please consider alternatives such as laser, acupuncture or Dasaquin (sp?). Take care & sending best wishes that you are better soon.
    Jeanette & my Westie Lucy.

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