It feels like spring…

Pooches, it has been a routine day around our pack.  My manservant did his usual walk/run at his walk/run park before returning to our den to perform the usual perfunctory duties for a Thursday morning.  Time seemed to slip away from all of us and before we knew it excursion time was upon us!

My manservant hurriedly headed to the Hybridmobile with Starlight and me in tow.  The Hybridmobile apparently had a hankering for boeuf with au jus and headed to the appropriate concern to acquire such.  We then were ferried to my sunken Trace park and, after enjoying our lunch in the boot of the Hybridmobile, headed down my multi-use trail where it was a wee bit drier after the heavy rains of last night.  Pooches, I must say that if you are ever around au jus go for it!

My bum leg has still been giving me a limp today and I’m afraid a visit to my vet tomorrow is inevitable.  Phooey.



Sunshine, look at the cute curly tatties we have for lunch!


Uh oh!


Starlight, I knew we would find another sign of spring today.  Look at that brave pear tree.


I’m not ready to end our excursion yet.


Look Starlight.  You can see the artsy-craftsy place nicely from my sunken trace park with the leaves still off of the trees.

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