my school park in the afternoon

Pooches, Starlight and I were worn out by lunchtime today!  Shortly after my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run at his walk/run park, some gentlemen arrived to do some kind of work in our den.  They made much noise and forced Starlight and me to spend the morning barking furiously at every noise or movement lest it be a threat to our pack.  By the time they finished around noon Starlight and I were exhausted from both barking and missing our morning  naps. Because my manservant had not yet started preparing our lunch for today we decided to nap!

It was mid-afternoon when my manservant roused us to go on a short excursion.  I’m still limping about our den and my manservant insisted that the excursion be short and undertaken with very little effort.  I promised not to do any calisthenics and off we went in the Hybridmobile.

Due to its close proximity my manservant decided we would visit my school park.  Pooches, the wind was quite strong and my Rez looked rather angry with waves tossing to and fro.  In getting carried away with our sniffing we ventured too close to the shoreline and were drenched before our excursion ended.

We’ve returned to our den and have dried off in preparation for our afternoon naps.



Biscuits with assorted jams, sausages, and the perpetual cup of java were enjoyed for our early breakfast.


Sunshine, your Rez looks angry today!


I’ve a feeling that someone is about to get wet!


Sunshine!  HELP!!


Starlight, it was a dandy excursion but I can’t wait to dry off.

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