Bum leg nixes excursion

Drat, pooches!  I woke up yesterday morning with a bum leg and have been limping around our den yesterday and today.  I’ve made every effort to hide it from my manservant but I’m afraid a visit to my vet is inevitable.  Not only is a vet visit in my future but my manservant is refusing to take me on an excursion until the limping disappears.  Pfffft!

Today has been spent sitting on the Davenport with my manservant while he reads for Wednesday’s class of his academic endeavor.  Lunch proved to be a bright spot in the day as I limped out to our picnic bench to enjoy a tasty lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich with creamy tomato and basil soup.   Yum!

I’m afraid the remainder of the day is going to be as dull as this morning has been with a guess that it will involve a good deal of Davenport sitting while my manservant continues to read.  Yawn.



I’m glad you brought the string cheese.



We don’t mind the crust as long as it has plenty of cheese on it!



What leaf?

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