It’s Friday!

Pooches, it has been a routine Friday around these parts.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park early in the morning as usual and continued his extra-long walk/run mode before returning to the den.  The mood of our pack was to spend the day cocooning but my manservant immediately  went to work performing chores around our den.  I told my manservant as he was heading to his regular yoga class that I had a craving for fish and chips for lunch.

My faithful manservant returned to our den from his yoga class at the appointed time and immediately headed to the kitchen.  The smell of fish and chips soon began wafting through our den as Starlight and I licked our lips in anticipation of lunch.  It wasn’t too long before the good ol’ parade to our picnic bench began and we chomped away at the bounty that was spread before us!

My manservant suggested that we undertake a gentle excursion today.  Keeping in the mood of cocooning in our den we headed to my overlook in the Hybridmobile and took a leisurely stroll about the park.  While Starlight and I investigated the many smells that were present, my manservant began gathering litter that was strewn about my park.  He soon had an armful of litter and suggested we return to the Hybridmobile to search for a refuse bin.  The Hybridmobile glided swiftly to the closest bin where the litter was unceremoniously discarded!

Pooches, we are back at our den now and returning to our cocooning mode for the afternoon.  It’s a good afternoon for cocooning because a gentle rain has begun and will soon, no doubt, lull us to sleep.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



This fish and chips really hits the spot!


Look, Starlight!!  Spring is almost here!


I’m at the spot my leaning tree used to be.  Sniff.


Starlight is curious about the wee stump in the water.


Uh oh!  It’s time to return to our den.














































































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