Rock of the Westies

Good news, pooches!  Today I decided on the name for my new park of trails that we I discovered a couple of months ago.  When my manservant returned from another extra-long walk/run at his walk/run park this morning he suggested that we take an early excursion.  I had been thinking about what I should call my park for some time and took this as the opportunity to go and make it official.  After preparing our pack a hearty breakfast of a breakfast muffin filled with sausage and egg as well as a muffin with apricot jam, my manservant followed Starlight and me to the Hybridmobile for our journey.

The Hybridmobile was a bit nervous because of the perilous road that must be taken to my new park but it performed bravely and admirably and we soon arrived safe and sound in the parking area.  As the Hybridmobile caught its breath we hopped into its boot and thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast.  After washing breakfast down with a mug of steaming java Starlight and I bounded out of the Hybridmobile’s boot and we were on our way!

Eager to christen my new park with its new name we didn’t loiter too long investigating all of the scents along the path.  We soon arrived at the designated spot for the ceremony.  After Starlight and I had taken our places I had my manservant take a picture of the naming ceremony for posterity!

After all the pomp had concluded Starlight and I had a grand time exploring the trails and investigating never-before visited areas.  By the time we returned to the Hybridmobile we were quite pooped!

We’re back at our den now preparing for afternoon naps while my manservant conducts spring cleaning of Hybridmobile’s and Hybridmobile II’s apartment.



Starlight waits patiently for the ‘alright’ command while I glare at my manservant for his dilly-dallying!



Starlight, we can smell all of these scents after we have the naming ceremony.



Starlight has a wee tear in her eye as I officially designate this new park of mine as ‘Rock of the Westies’.



Sunshine, I can’t wait to see the view from the top of your rock!



Mind the edge, Starlight.  You’d take quite a tumble if you slipped.



Do you want to take this trail or one of the others to get back to the Hybridmobile?



I do believe we’re getting ready to go downhill rather quickly!



As we finished our hike we spied a wee Saints Santa wedged in a tree!




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