It’s Fat Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mardi Gras, pooches!!!  Our pack was up early this morning and began getting ready for the big day before sunrise.  My manservant reported that he had recovered from his wee “under the knife” despair of yesterday and headed to his walk/run park for a much longer walk/run than usual.  He was a bit winded when he finally returned to our den but headed immediately to the kitchen to prepare a proper Mardi Gras breakfast which we enjoyed at our picnic bench.

Many errands had to be done during the day in preparation for our Mardi Gras party tonight.  My manservant scurried around our wee village gathering this and that.  Starlight was occupied with icing down the root beer.  I supervised all of the activity.

Our pack hopes your pack’s Mardi Gras festivities are both fun and safe!

Party hard, pooches.  Lent starts in just a few hours.



Biscuits with sausages and sausage gravy and biscuits with cane syrup make a dandy Mardi Gras breakfast!


Starlight, I guess now is the time to tell my manservant that cameras are not allowed at our Mardi Gras party tonight.

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