Monday miseries

Pooches, after a wasted wet weekend of nothing but rain, today brought another rainy and excursionless day to our pack.  Instead of tending to his usual morning walk/run, my manservant was escorted to his teeth vet quite early in the morning.   He told Starlight and me as he departed that he expected to require much care upon his return to our den because he was  ‘going under the knife’ and likely would not be his usual jolly self.  True to his word he returned to our den in late morning appearing quite feeble and staggering about as he walked through our den.  I immediately went to work transforming my bedroom into the ‘sick room’ and led him gently to bed.

Starlight and I realized the temperature was dropping as lunchtime approached.  My manservant was unconscious in the sickroom and clearly was not going to prepare our lunch.  I took the matter into my own paws and Starlight and I were soon enjoying a healthy portion of pooch treats and dried turkey tendons for our lunch.  Woo hoo!

After our tasty lunch I gathered firewood and soon had a crackling fire in our fireplace to ward off the chill.  In mid-afternoon my crawled out of our sickbed and suggested that he needed some fresh air.  Given the shaky nature of his attempt to head outdoors Starlight and I felt compelled to accompany him on his journey.  Pooches, the visit was a brief one because the rain was still spitting a bit and our lawn was exceedingly soggy. When my manservant fell asleep at our picnic bench we encouraged him to return to our den and take his place on the Davenport for the duration of the day.  He gladly obliged.

Pooches, perhaps the rain will be gone tomorrow and my manservant will be mobile enough again so that we will be able to undertake a grand excursion to make up for the sporadic nature of them for the past few weeks.



Sunshine, at least those pooches on that aeroplane are getting to go on an excursion today.


Starlight, you’re going to make my ailing manservant feel bad because he didn’t take us on an excursion. Where is your compassion?

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